Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dog wants root

Funny video showing a very eager dog having its way with a root. It's not a stick but try telling that to a dog.

Do Cute Cats Like Gangnam Style?

Some of these cute cats seem to like "Gangnam Style" whereas others are totally over it.

Ultimate Faceplant Compilation

Ouch! This hurts! A lot! Awesome collection of idiots redefining the word "fail" in this loltastic and cringeworthy collection of faceplants.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scary kitten dance

This "scary", but funny and cute dance was performed our main cat Coco in January 2010. Then it was a wonderful little baby kitten.
Scary kitten dance

Shortest Attention Span EVER!

"My son in law pitching a wiffle ball to my three year old son! I was trying to get a video of him making contact with the ball to share on facebook. I was starting and stopping videos at that time. This is the original video, unedited. It was his second time ever playing. He saw his sister collecting wiffle balls in the field and ran after her."

Shortest Attention Span EVER!

The Ultimate Dog Shaming

 Maymo the lemon beagle is caught on film making very poor choices. This dog steals, destroys, and breaks all sorts of things before he gets caught and ultimately 'shamed' for his skullduggery. Inspired by the site 'Dog Shaming,' where you can find more doggies being shamed for their poor behavior: via

Seven PsychoCATS Trailer HD

Seven PsychoCATS - a remake of the Seven Psychopaths trailers featuring cats!
Seven PsychoCATS Director: Jim Tozzi Production

Dog vs Dog Races!

In this video dogs are racing strollers,scooters,and kids cars.They each have a passenger in the stroller and cars. They are Australian Cattle Dogs ,Ruger is 3 years and Rogue is 8 months. They are total clowns.The littlest one is a Rescue poodle/lhasa mix.He is right there in the mix with them at 3 months old. Thanks for watching and Have a Great Day!

Hungry Hungry Hippos - Teaser Trailer [HD]

A crew of adventurous military officers and journalists embark on a mission to discover the hidden truth behind genetic experiments that took place near the Luangwa river in Zambia. What they discover bares an appetite of horrifying proportions. All copyrighted materials belong to their respective holders. For those asking about the soundtrack: Label: Hench Records, Music: "Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)" Artist: Odyssey

Epic Bus Ad from Denmark (English Subtitles - HTML5) Midttrafik - "The Bus"

Taking the bus has never been cooler than in this funny Danish TV commercial by M2Film for Midttrafik The idea behind the campaign was to make public transportation more attractive, fun and exciting. I think they did an excellent job!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trippy Kitty: I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head

What the hell did I just watch? This is incredible! Travel back to the Psychedelic '60s with the new music video from Walter and the Wizards off the album Litter Trippin', brought to you by Litter Genie® brand.

Parkour Fail

Short but funny video of a parkour fail. Jump!

Telephone (Lady Gaga & Beyoncé) acapella cover

Lady Gaga's megahit performed in an awesome accappella cover by Slovenian XL vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile. Me gusta!

A crow playing fetch

Here's a funny animal video that will put a smile on your sleepy sunday morning face... a crow playing fetch!