Friday, December 23, 2011

The Energy Commission's - Call of Duty Christmas "Santa Baby Parody" (HD)

Youtube snip:
The same band that brought you the wildly popular Modern Warfare inspired music video that has garnered nearly half a million You Tube views is back at it with a Santa Baby Parody - "Call of Duty Christmas".

The Energy Commission's sultry Danielle Cales figured "If you can't beat em' join em'!". It was all fun and games till they had a run in with the law while filming a scene for the music video. A camouflaged Santa; handcuffed, face down in the dirt, with 25 loaded guns pointed at his head, was way more than she bargained for!

Hope you've been good this year or you might get a frag dropped in your stocking!

Sausage Party Presents - A Christmas Story

The Sausage Party pays tribute to our favorite Christmas movie and spoofs a scene from the movie A Christmas Story where Flick gets his tounge stuck to a flag pole.