Friday, September 10, 2010

Cute Girl Has A Catchy Dance

Cool viral video from Samsung in which we see an adorable little girl choreographing the moves of a dancing flashmob. This is very awesome!

How not to use the iPad

Funny commercial for a newspaper iPad app showing how the app is so much better than the paper. With maybe one exception.

NO PETS ALLOWED (Animation feature film)

Fantastic CGI trailer for the feature No Pets Allowed. You will laugh. Because it's funny. Some things are so easy.

Trololo 8bit Cover

Remember this video? The weird Russian singer? Yeah, he was awesome. So awesone in fact, that they made an 8bit tribute video/song.

walrus doing sit-ups

Well, there is no point denying it. This walrus is a bit on the heavy side, not to say rather fat. Good for him that he has decided to do something against his morbid obesity by embracing a healthy lifestyle, starting with a good dose of sit-ups.

City of Toronto E Waste - Chuck & Vince

Rather brilliant TV commercial for the city of Toronto's e-waste collection day. Every garbage disposal ad should look like this. Not that there are many to begin with.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bad cover: Sweet Child O'Mine

"Bad" doesn't quite over it. Not even close. This is a truly awful rendition of the Guns N' Roses ballad Sweet Child O'Mine. The original song is slowly murdered by 3 guys who put a lot of effort into what seems, at first look, music making. It might not be quite as good as the original but I wonder if Axl Rose would be any better today after all these years. In any case, do enjoy!

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

via the awesome @urlesque
Fantastic collection of animated GIFs that you will surely have seen on some website or other in the past. Or the future. Nobody really knows how time works, you know. But I digress.

Urlesque snip:
Evan Roth's 'Cache Rules Everything Around Me' sets some of the most famous GIFs of all time (and some new ones) to mashed-up music by Girl Talk.

Crazy councilman speech

Phil Davidson is a councilman. He is holding a speech. And he is, in light terms, "bat shit crazy". The whole time I was waiting for him to take out a machine gun and start firing into the audience. But he didn't. He's just applying for treasurer. Good speech though.

Fat cat in a vase

Cat videos always win at the internet. And this is no exception. Behold, a video of a fat cat getting into a clay vase. Win.

Youtube snip:
We got Annie from the cat rescue mission as a kitten. She liked to play in a pot. Touble was she got fat as she got older but still likes to try and get in the pot

Watermelon to the face

Am I the last one to post this video? Here's something for the mean person inside you, a woman shoots a watermelon straight into her face. This hurts. That's why it's funny.

Youtube snip:
During a challenge on the show, contestants must launch watermelons from a giant sling shot contraption. This chick fails and the thing backfires sending the watermelon square into her face.

Memorable quote: "You have to finish!" "What? I can'T even see straight!"

Puppy is afraid of whoopie cushion

Funny video showing a small dog that's scared of a whoopie cushion. Though he looks rather curious at the big thing.
Youtube snip:
My dog is afraid of farts.

The Big Ripper:
"Ginormous unforgiving flatulence. Includes 1 12" Bunblaster. Extreme Whoopie Cushion Made in China."

baby monkey rides a piglet

Is this cute or what? Here's a funny video of a little baby monkey going for a ride on a piglet. Looks a bit like a rodeo at some point but I guess they're both fine with it.

David O'Doherty: My Beefs

Funny song about stand up comedian David O'Doherty's beefs. Give it a minute before the LOLs unfold.
Youtube snip:
Live comedy brought to you directly from the Edinburgh Festival. Via the medium of song, David O'Doherty lists what's been irritating him this year - and it isn't a short list.

"Instant Elements" using Google Instant Search

Tom Lehrer’s classic chemistry anthem “The Elements” visualised using Google Instant Search. Cool video!

Auto-Tune the News: BACKIN UP SONG

Here's the auto-tune the news remix of the "backing up news lady". This is, as always, very good.
Youtube quote:
After the plot of 2 armed thieves is foiled by a brave store clerk, Diana of Kansas City excitedly recaps the fiasco in song, extolling the teachings of her father.

Stand Up Comedy: Attacked by Giant Spider

Takes him sometime to get to the spider story but it's worth the wait, funny guy!
Youtube quote:
Shang isn't afraid of anything, except for spiders that rob him at gunpoint.

Backin' Up Song (mr.dogshit™ DnB Remix)

Nice remix of yet another crazy news lady from Mr Dogshit. Enjoy this while the meme is hot!

Princess Leia vs. Ace Ventura

I am getting nightmares thinking of the mash-up possibilites of Star Wars and Ace Ventura but I'd really like Ace get shot a couple of more times.

Youtube quote:
There were two Battles of Endor that fateful day. This one involved a man and his monkey vs. a woman and her monkey.

Wassup Holmes

After the BBC landed a massive hit with their updated version of Sherlock Holmes I remembered this old gem here... Holmes as a homie and why not.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine strikes again - this time in London!

Watch the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine spread even more happiness in the next instalment of the global internet sensation.

Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in the UK! The new film - the much-anticipated sequel to the global internet sensation which caught the world's imagination earlier this year - sees the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine arrive in the UK, bringing a touch of Coca-Cola magic to some unsuspecting British students.

Nokia spoofs Twilight

In this funny viral video Nokia spoofs the Twilight series and it made me LOL. It's directed by @DavidLehre and this guy knows parody. Go see your favourite teen vampire, werewolfe and a girl named Bella having mobile phone troubles!