Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Then There Was Salsa

Beautiful new ad for Frito Lays Doritos. Yummy yum yum.

The search for the Nation’s Ultimate Dad Dancer

A competition to find the nation’s ultimate Dad Dancer, and to send him to Jamaica to get him some Dance Rehab. is a competition to find the nation’s ultimate Dad Dancer.

The winner and his family will be sent to spend a week in Jamaica, where the island’s infectious rhythms, music and attitude will hopefully rub off on dad. He’ll also go into Dance Rehab and be given some individual tuition. Kiss FMs Rickie Haywood-Williams will choose a winner from the ten most popular clips.

Runners-up will be drawn from a Rasta hat and will receive special ipod Nanos.

New, long Final Fantasy XIII trailer

Experience seamless transitions between real time gameplay and in-game cinematics with the newest addition to the Final Fantasy universe! Out on March 9!