Friday, February 5, 2010

World of Crashes - TF2 Style (Meet the Crashes)

This is a compilation of various funny crash scenes with Team Fortress 2 sounds dubbed over them. Hilarious!!!

Blue Milk Spoof Commercial

A Star Wars parody commercial for BLUE MILK. Of course I am posting this.

2010 Snack Stadium Smackdown

Yes, it's time for the annual snack stadium smachdown... so don't watch this if you're hungry or you will probably faint.

Funny Animation Compilation by Sheepfilms

If you need a healthy snack of LOL, then you should watch this short video compilation of Sheepfilms' animations for the b3ta board.

Valentine's Day is Dangerous

If you ever needed proof that Valentine's Day is a rather dangerous affair, then you need to see this video. A bit of an odd turn for the Jib Jab people to come up with something like this, but what do I know.

Water Ceiling Prank

Funny prank video of a "magic trick": Making water disappear. This video includes a real person ROFL. seriously.

Smiling Dog

Short video from Japan, the land of the weird videos. So here's a dog that smiles every time it sees his owner. And the best bit is that he smiles like in animes ... kinda like this: ^_^

57 Seconds of Abuse

Barats & Bereta are grumpy and let off some steam by insulting you.
Youtube snip:
Ever feel like getting verbally abused for a minute or so? If you answered "yes", then this video is for you. If you answered "no", then ur a idiot.

Microwaving a football

It's time for semi-science! Semi-NFL-Superbowl-Science, that is. Here's the latest video from the people over at "is it a good idea to microwave..." in which they sacrifice an official NFL football. Good idea or not? You decide!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Classic Cyanide & Happiness - Hopscotch

Funy short cartoon sketch comedy thing from the Cyanide & Happiness people. Gave me the chuckles.

Vodafone Sure Signal: Steven’s Signal Rescue story

Steven Carnie, an IT consultant from Edinburgh, could only get a mobile signal on one window ledge in his basement flat. Vodafone have rescued him from his signal problems with their easy-to-install Sure Signal box. Whether you’re in a basement flat, high-rise, have thick walls or are living in a valley somewhere, Sure Signal guarantees you a great 3G signal at home.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kano: More Than 1 Way

Watch the making of Kano's new video & find out about Diplomas