Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barclaycard Rollercoaster Advert

Cool new advert for Barclaycard, you might remember their awesome waterslide commercial? NO? Well, this cool ad makes up for it! I want a rollercoaster that takes me to work, too!

Youtube snip:
One man rides the rollercoaster to arrive at the office ready for the day. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, The Barclaycard Rollercoaster TV advert shows one man's liberating commute to the office on a rollercoaster that winds through New York.


Yeah sure, why not. If everyone else is posting a video of a fat latino boy singing over a reggaeton beat, why the hell shouldn't I? After all, there is no quality control on this blog after 4 margaritas. IT CAN'T BE UNSEEN!!!

Brendan Fraser retard-clap remix

Well, while I am not sure about the title of this youtube video, it still made me LOL without even being drunk. And it's a saturday afternoon! So enjoy Brandon Fraser him clapping, if you will.
Youtube snip:
So this is the result of a couple beers, hearing Hollaback Girl on the radio while driving home, and pure boredness. I saw this clip of Brendan during the Golden Globes, and knew I had to make something out of it. I saw Brendan Fraser on Lopez Tonight, and seeing how he was able to laugh at himself, I figure he would laugh at this as well....hopefully. Enjoy!!

Of course this is all in good fun, I do not own rights to either the video or music. I would love for Brendan Fraser to see this....that would be awesome.

Sauna - funny animation


Funny animation. And I can't say anymore without giving too much away, really.

GB Bobsleigh 2010 women Team pants split

Yeah, this is pretty much everywhere, so I'm posting it here for historic and archival reasons, of course. Filed under wardrobe malfunction.


Here's some light weekend entertainment:
The story of the number one is the story of Western civilization. Terry Jones ("Monty Python's Flying Circus") goes on a humor-filled journey to recount the amazing tale behind the world's simplest number. Using computer graphics, "One" is brought to life, in all his various guises, in STORY OF 1

Sketchy - Blues

Great short and funny animation from BBC Comedy, this gave me a quick LOL!
youtube snip:
Some unlikely characters turn up to spread a smile across the face of a heartbroken man. Will they succeed?


This is funny! Another great animation coming from the National Film Board of Canada.
Youtube snip:
Based on a song by the Great Western Orchestra, this music animation tells of the surprise that Pete the North West Mounted Police officer feels as he is awakened in the badlands by a varmint band and observes cacti line dancing.


Awesome! French funnyman Remi Gaillard orders some pizza with hilarious consequences! Too funny!h

Friday, January 22, 2010


Fantastic animation by the NAtional Film Board of Canada. This is 8 minutes long, so bring a cup of tea along, will you?
Youtube snip:
This film probes the infinite magnitude of space, and its reverse, the ultimate minuteness of matter. Animation art and animation camera achieve this journey to the farthest conceivable point of the universe and then into the tiniest particle of existence--an atom of a living human cell--with a freshness and clarity that would seem impossible with other means of exposition. Film without words.

Cyanide & Happiness - Book

There's a book out with lots of cartoons from Cyanide & Happyness, and this is the commercial for it.

Boy jumps on moving bus

Wow, this is crazy! The voice of reason within me says "That's wrong and very dangerous!" but at the same time I can't stop thinking just how awesome this stunt is! Incredible!

When Megan Met Michael

Great mashup music video featuring the famous deli scene from When Harry met Sally, with Sir Michael Caine and Meg Ryan. Just so you know, the music starts after about 30 seconds. This has been a service announce ment for the impatient, thank you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Philips vs. Mouse

Funny commercial from Philips for their new hoover. The suction power is quite impressive. And I am talking about the hoover here, you filthy pigs!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time

Have 10 minutes of awful quotes from movies that ooze the cheesy quotes n stuff. Some made me LOL, other made me cringe. One made me throw up (guess which one!)!

Glee - Japanese Trailer

Here's a Japanese trailer for the Fox TV show Glee. It's not all about the sumo, you see. Dancing is important, too!

Pairs Skating with Conan and Leno - JibJab

You know, once the Olympics start on NBC again, there are going to be some changes in their late night schedule. Mainly, more triple lutzes. This is a fun video from the people at JibJab promoting their new Figure Skating video machine that you can put your won pictures in. Try it on their site!

UFO sighting UK

via @unrulymedia Follow @ufospotter84 for all the lastest updates on The UFO Viral (full explanation C4 8pm Sunday)
"Has to be some of the closest footage of UFOs released! Can't believe new crop circles are appearing all the time on this guy's UK farm..."


Pretty cool video for the Google Nexus One, the Android phone.
"When it comes to "unboxing", ninjas know how to handle things..." Get me one of these, now!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MACGRUBER Red-Band Trailer

OK so here it is, finally! The red band trailer for the upcoming MACGRUBER movie, based on Will Forte's SNL character. Looks like a lot of laughs in this one. LOL. you see?

The Official Be Stupid Philosophy

"Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret-free life. Only stupid can be truly brilliant." says the fashion brand Diesel in this new commercial video thing. I must say, the print ads are much better than this stupid video. There you go, it's stupid and it's not brilliant.

Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine"

Pretty cool video from Coca-Cola. This machine makes people happy by handing out free Coke. And by Coke I mean the drink, not the drug. Not so happy now, are you?

Anamorphic Pac-Man Illusion

Well, this is just amazing, awesome, cool and [enter own words here]. Wow! How much time must this have taken? And why would you do this in the first place? Nevertheless, win for all of us!

Jodie Foster VS. Robocop

Nice mashup video of Robocop and that Jodie FOster movie were she kills people... Bonus points if you can name one Jodie Foster movie that does not suck.

LEGO Domino Machine

Cool video of a domino row building machine made out of Lego Technic. This takes all the hard work out of dominos.

Big Spider Attacks!

This video is proof that huntsman spiders are not only evil but also posses an impeccable sense of comedic timing.
Now the only option is to burn the house down, just to be on the safe side. And move.

Japanese Jet Pack

Technology has come a long way and so it doesn't come as a surprise that Japan is now testing this cool jet pack for everybody. I'm going to import one, that's how awesome this is!

Cute Things EXPLODING!

The sneezing panda bear gets it.

adidas Originals - Star Wars Death Star Superlaser

I am sorry. As soon as anything Star Wars related comes up in my queue I have to post it. Like this Adidas Star Wars commercial thingie here.

Hot Blonde Drunk Chick Drops Phone on Nose

Well, the title sort of gives it all away, but you should still watch it. I like it when she sings drunk. Because when a girl does it, it's cute. When I do it, the police arrests me. Life is not fair.

Crying puppy

This is not some clever robot toy, it is a little dog crying for attention *sniff*

Werner Herzog Reads Curious George

German director Werner Herzog reads Curious George and gives his own slightly creepy, slightly disturbing and yet somehow funny interpretation of events.
Actually, it's not Herzog. At least that's what the guy on the youtube page says....

Karate Girl Wins Street Fight

Years of training and discipline have transformed this girl into an unstoppable killing machine.

No Pants Subway Ride 2010

Improv Everywhere does the annual No Pants Subway Ride:
3,000 New Yorkers participate in the 2010 No Pants Subway Ride, riding pantless in 100 different train cars.

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

Look, birds on a guitar!
Youtube snip:
French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot creates works by drawing on the rhythms of daily life to produce sound in unexpected ways.
For his installation in The Curve, Boursier-Mougenot creates a walk-though aviary for a flock of zebra finches, furnished with electric guitars and other musical instruments. As the birds go about their routine activities, perching on or feeding from the various pieces of equipment, they create a captivating, live soundscape.

Bacardi Express 2010 Hype Reel

Viral ad for Bacardi Australia.
BACARDI EXPRESS is a train that takes some of the hottest local and international music acts on a rockin’ 48 hour rail ride of a lifetime.
Full ad copy:



All aboard the BACARDI EXPRESS! Australia’s only touring music festival on rails just got a whole lot noisier! Headliners La Roux will be joined by Art vs Science, Yves Klein Blue, Miami Horror and The Cassette Kids, with DJ support from Sampology completing the stellar line up on board the BACARDI EXPRESS 2010.

The BACARDI EXPRESS, an iconic 1960’s train, will take the bands on a rock and roll journey from 25th – 27th March 2010, stopping off to play exclusive concerts along a new route in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and the final destination of Sydney.

Mixing travel, live music and good times has long been a BACARDI tradition. Back in the 1920’s, the BACARDI family would invite top Cuban musicians to ride in the back of their convertibles and drive around Havana igniting impromptu street parties. The BACARDI EXPRESS is a modern interpretation of this tradition with talented musicians jamming, living and partying together for 48hrs under one roof. With its fifteen bespoke carriages and a host of onboard entertainment including a jamming carriage, gaming carriage and a “Made to Mix” carriage, the creative juices are set to flow with the performers both on and off the stage. Expert bartenders will serve everyday classics like the BACARDI Cuba Libre and the Original BACARDI Mojito™ - everything needed to keep the music magic happening!

With nearly 100 fans, cooks, bartenders and crew packed into fifteen carriages on the BACARDI EXPRESS, it’s no surprise the bands joining La Roux on the 2010 tour can’t wait to find out what happens on board;

· ARIA nominated Sydney outfit and Triple J Unearthed winners Art vs Science: “We’ve heard the catering is really good on the train, bring on the fun!”

· Two Years since they won MTV's Kickstart competition, Brisbane’s hot rockers Yves Klein Blue have their debut album on the streets and have just returned from a whirlwind UK tour: “Jam room, bars, being locked in close proximity with a bunch of other musicians for 48 hours – it’s just a unique touring experience, we can’t wait to get on the BACARDI EXPRESS.”

· Melbourne’s finest remixer Miami Horror who has re-crafted the likes of The Presets, Pnau and Bloc Party and has most recently performed a killer set at Falls Festival: “Out of this whole experience we’re probably most excited to be hanging out with the other bands, it’s a great chance to collaborate and muck around in the jam room.”

· Electro stars and Triple J Unearthed winners Cassette Kids: “Being part of BACARDI EXPRESS 2010 is so exciting for us. Our friends The Lost Valentinos played last year and they said they had the best time!”

· Completing the line up is Brisbane based star-on-the-rise DJ Sampology, one of the country’s most talented, technically proficient and versatile DJs / producers. Sampology will be bringing his “Super Visual Disco Party” show to the BACARDI EXPRESS concerts, a cutting edge A/V show that chops and cuts both audio and video in perfect harmony over the speakers and onto screens.

“With two successful years tucked under our belts, we know that it all comes down to the mix of bands, genres, personality and most importantly stamina for this 48 hour adventure that is the BACARDI EXPRESS” says Fernando Navarro, Senior Brand Manager at BACARDI. “We are thrilled with the 2010 line up and cannot wait to share this unique experience with them – jamming, sleeping, eating together and everything in between, it’s going to be a great tour!”

Want to get on board and join the bands too? There are 12 seats up for grabs on the BACARDI EXPRESS train. Tickets to the BACARDI EXPRESS concerts are FREE* and online registration opens on 10th January 2010. To find out how to get involved go to

*Concert tickets to the BACARDI EXPRESS concerts are limited. Although free, consumers must register at from 10 January 2010 (over 18s only).

Bacardi Made to Mix. Enjoy BACARDI responsibly.


Cool new campagin for Lynx featuring the rather sexy Keeley Hazell.

Girls get bored easily so it's a must to keep them interested which is why Lynx has developed the innovative new fragrance Twist - the fragrance that changes