Thursday, January 14, 2010

adidas Originals - Star Wars Collection

Oh look, Star Wars Adidas shoe commercial! Not bad, and the remix of the Imperial March is pretty cool, too!
Youtube snip:
"adidas Originals is kicking off 2010 by welcoming you to the neighborhood, the street where originality comes to life as artists, athletes, and celebs celebrate their style. Everyones invited to our street corner along with some special guests, who traveled from a galaxy far, far away to launch a years worth of celebrations.

Star Wars and adidas Originals have officially joined forces in our most colossal collaboration to date, bringing you a striking collection of sneakers and apparel inspired by the characters and crafts youve followed for a lifetime.

The most iconic moments and beloved figures from the Star Wars saga are translated to the streets, telling their creative story across a forceful collection of adidas Originals footwear and apparel.

Celebrate this powerful alliance to the beat of a new and improved remix of the Imperial March, as Vader and the Stormtroopers land on our street corner greeted by Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Calle 13, DJ Neil Armstrong and Daft Punk representing their originality. No matter which side of the Force youre on, believe the hype, this year is going to be massive."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama's Boo-yah Address

Funny skit from the comedians @LandlineTV
Obama looks back at his first year in office -- performing amazing feats while listing his accomplishments.

Cyanide & Happiness - Beer Run

Funny animation from Cyanide and Happiness. Not for the fluffy humor lovers, this is kinda dark. ish.

Snuggie D-Lux

Really funny parody ad for the Snuggie. With this you can stand and urinate while wearing your Sniggie... like a man! LOL and stuff.

Laugh Factory 10th Anniversary Show

The Laugh Factory celebrates 10 years in the funny business.

Pat Sharp gets in fight with giant mullet

80’s legend Pat Sharp gets in a fight with a giant mullet hair-do during a screen test for Previously unseen footage.

Peugeot Signature

Lifestyle, Communicating, Entertaining, Passion...
Peugeot's new logo and brand platform in an exclusive unveiling.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Team William - You Look Familiar

Official Musicvideo for single "You Look Familiar" by Team William. Pretty animation that makes my head spin and stuff. Maybe it'S the glue I've been sniffing, who knows.

Blowing up Toy Cars in Slow Motion


1999/2009 (REMI GAILLARD)

Awesome compilation of French funnyman Remi Gaillard's pranks of the last ten years. This is fantastic, funny, imaginative and, well, makes me LOL. That's how full of win this is.

Monday, January 11, 2010

LEGO Universe MMORPG Trailer

Here's the cool and pretty awesome trailer for the LEGO online game. It's Lego nice-guys vs evil LEGO demons and looks like a lot of fun and is quite thrilling I must say.

Cool Japanese Money Box

Money saving has just become more interesting. If I had any spare change I might import this little gem.

Demon Cat Growling

Either this cat comes straight from hell, or it is a demon disguised as a kitty, or maybe it is just enjoying the brushing... Who knows.

Travis Pastrana jumps 269 feet in his rally car

He did it! Travis Pastrana, legend of both freestyle motocross and rally racing, jumps 269 feet in his rally car live on ESPN in Long Beach. Take that, gravity!
*features a bonus backflip by the man himself into the harbour.

Mr. T Night Elf Autotune

Now, how did I miss this? I can never go on holiday or I will keep missing all these videos and posting them weeks later when the world has already seen them, but you know, that is my probably my destiny. That, and eating twinkies all day.

Anyways, here is an autotuned MR T from the World of Warcraft TV ads, featuring a little bit of our favourite Italian plumber Mario. And it is awesome. Night elf mohawk FTW.

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Bottle Of Gin?

Probably not, but if you want to find out in detail, watch this! Fast forward to about 1:50 to see the action.

Fat Kid Falls Through Frozen Lake

So.... my question is, did this guy not check the weather before he went outside for a dip? In any case, if you feel like jumping into a lake, wait at least until spring.

Specsavers born 25 years ago

Funny viral ad from Specsavers, the UK opticians, for their 25th anniversary.
Celebrating 25 years, Specsavers demonstrate that even sperm Should Have Gone To Specsavers.

A cockpit. An engine. Two wings. Is this still a car?

if you're into fast cars and engines then you will get a kick out of this Mercedes Benz commercial. This Mercedes-Benz must be on the wish list for every fast driving car enthusiast. The sound from the engine makes you really want to drive this fast racing car.

David James makes some great saves blindfolded

After notching up over 800 professional appearances for club and country, David James shows he can make some great saves – blindfolded. Check out the video of the England keeper in action. Fast forward to about 1 minute for the blindfolded saves!

Now That's What I Call Swine Flu

Were you caught up in the Swine Flu hysteria? Then here's the music album you have been waiting for, the soundtrack for the disease! Funny ad parody from BBC Comedy.

Girl Backflips Off Bed

Yes ,this girl hurts herself while doing a backflip on a bed but she brushes it off like it's nothing. That's the power of the camera for you... let's not make this video more embarassing by admitting the pain, the HORRIBLE PAIN! For the LOLs.

If you like Doritos so much, why don't you marry them?

It's just an expression and the funny people at Front Page Films made this funny short LOL video for the 2009 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest.

Death Metal Rooster

Time to wake up! And what better way to start the day than with the lovely chant of this Death Metal Rooster! ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRGAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!!!

Duke Nukem Trailer - Live action

Here is a cool fan made trailer for a live action movie based on Duke Nukem Forever, the most famous vaporware game, ever. It's pretty cool and I like it. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum.

Banned Burger King Commercial (parody)

Here's a short funny clip by the Fine Bros, a parody of those Burger King commercials with the King of Burgers. That weirdo guy. And he is really freaking me out in this. Reminds me of SAW.

Skynet Symphonic

Skynet is Google. Just in case you didn't know. And here's the new track from POGO (the guy behind the awesome Alice track) with a tribute to the Terminator movies.
Youtube snip:
"Comprising nothing but small sounds recorded from the James Cameron masterpiece 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day', 'Skynet Symphonic' is my tribute to one of the greatest action features of all time!

Each section is composed entirely of sounds from a major scene in the film. For example, the Terminator pounding on the fire escape door is used as a kick drum. Bones breaking play the role of a snare. Electrical disturbance acts as a crash cymbal."

Pwned! Tree crashes toolshed

Pretty much what it says in the title. The best bit however is the one guy waving (!!!) at the tree to fall onto the other side and him pretending afterwards that it was the plan all along to let the tree fall onto the shed. That's how real men behave. "Yeah, that's how we roll. You didn't really need that toolshed, did you?" LOL, great DIY fail.

Hard Rockin' Baby

There's a backlog of cool videos I have to post, so let's start with this hard core baby rocking out to some tunes. Moderate rock, radio-friendly unit shifters, that kind of stuff. As the baby grows up he'll learn to appreciate the harder stuff. A video that is cute and awesome at the same time, featuring a baby. What are the odds of that?

FARMVILLE Commercial (Ad Parody)

I don't get the obsession with this game, so I LOL'd pretty hard at this funny ad parody. How about yourself? Do you play Farmville or do you hate it?