Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Facejacker arrives!

Terry Tibbs takes over Price-Drop TV in this preview from the brand new series of Facejacker.

Really funny clip here from a show you should look out for. Some of you might remember Fonejacker from a couple of years ago, an animated prank call show on e4 (sounds weird but was proper funny). It picked up lots of fans, famous characters and catchphrases (Terry Tibbs’ “Talk to Me” a personal favourite) won some awards yadda yadda. Cut to now and Kayvan Novak, the guy behind the Fonejacker mask has made the move to prime-time Friday night on Channel 4, only this time he’s getting into the real world rather than pranking people from the end of a phone.

The characters to look out for from the episode I’ve seen are the afore-mentioned, wheeler dealer car salesman, Terry Tibbs; scamster Augustus Kwembe, and Dr Ali, a pretty questionable plastic surgeon. All of them are played by the same guy, and the set-ups with the public are totally real so the only actor there is the Facejacker himself which makes for some brilliantly uncomfortable cringey moments.

Kicks off on Channel 4 on the 16th at 10pm, well worth a watch.