Monday, December 21, 2009

Best of LOL Factory 2009

Hello and welcome to the great LOL Factory listviewthing of 2009. You kinda get what this is all about just by looking at the title so I won't explain any further, mkay?

The videos aren't sorted by views or visits, but by my LOL expertise and general sense for what makes a cool video. You know, that sort of works for me and I don't have to overuse teh Google Analytics, you see. Feel free to browse the LOL Factory archives to see if you agree with me (or not) and leave a comment (pretty please) and tell me what you think.

So for January 2009 I claim that these are the Top 10 videos of all time! OF ALL TIME!!!

Disclaimer: In fact, there are more than just 10 videos in this list, so there is no rank and no order here. There are a lot of rules for this list I have to obey or the viral video monkeys will come and steal my teeth in my sleep.

Also, I just realised how much work it is to put a list together. I posted like 15 trillion videos this year and am already fed up with doing this list. So there will only be videos from January here. But if you're a regular visitor you are already more than familiar with the terrible quality and constant broken promises. So f*ck it.

So here's the stuff that I thought was awesome when I posted it in January and still is not half as bad as the rest of this site but had to stop halfway through because I had to got to lunch list:

Mythbusters: Mouse vs Elephant

A great video by the Mythbusters showing that elephants are really, really afraid of mice. Well, at least sometimes. And sometimes not. See, science can be fun. Sometimes. And sometimes not.

The Late Show: How did Bush do as President?

David Letterman pokes fun (again) at ex-president Geroge W Bush, asking the question "how did he do as a president?". The answer is pretty simple and includes plenty of LOLs.

The Heineken walk-in-fridge

Pretty much the viral video of January 2009, really. And I can relate to that feeling. Make mine an Augustiner though.

Evolution of Technology Commercial

Very cool commercial indeed for the German technology chain Saturn showing the evolution of dinosaur robots and stuff that looks ultra-cool in a steampunk sort of way. I need one of those T-Rex machines right now. You know, to spread Christmas cheer. And for world domination. I might settle for an AT-AT.

Dancing News Anchors

If you ever need proof of any kind of journalistic integrity of your local news anchors, here it is. I bet they're not even wearing any trousers. great video, though.

Everyday Normal Crew by Jon Lajoie

Comedian Jon Lajoie continues his musical average guy saga with this song in which he raps about his average friends. Still gives me teh LOLs and I bet you all have friends like these. I do. In my mind.

OK, now it's lunch time and this list has taken me ages to do. So Ima gonna let you finish but LOL Factory had one of the worst Best Of Lists of all time! OFF ALL TIME!!!

Sony Ericsson Jalou by Dolce & Gabbana

This is an ad for the new mobile phone called "Jalou" by Sony Ericsson. Might as well be an ad for a perfume or something.

The new Opel Astra TV ad

Looks like there's still money left in Opel, so they spent it all on this viral for the new Astra. Watch the new Opel Astra TV ad, and buy a car to save the automobile industry. Or something like that. It doesn't help that the ad is in German.