Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anyone for a pancake?

This is a funny viral ad about the European Health Insurance Card from the European Commission. I know that sounds boring, but the ad is pretty funny. So go ahead and watch it. LOLs and all included.

Yoobot v YooNot - A Battle to the Squidgy End

A viral ad for the UK.
Create a free mini version of yourself and watch your future unfold before your eyes! Go head to head with your lazy self and play a battle to the squidgy end on the Ultimate Dodgeball court. Click here to find out more

Cabwise: Know what you're getting into

Here's a UK PSA. I fond this quite disturbing.
*For female viewers over 15 years of age* Transport for London's campaign to create awareness about the dangers of illegal minicabs, please forward to you friends. The ad was made by M&C Saatchi and directed by Graham Fink

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Clever Hamsters jazz band

Cute video of a hamster jazz band. Seriously. They play their cute little instruments with their tiny hands and all. Super cute, it will melt your heart and so sweet it's gonna destroy your teeth just by watching.
Viral ad for drench spring water.

I Gotta Feeling Parody Song

You probably remember the Black Eyed Peas song from a night out with your friends, maybe had some tequila shots and acted stupid, but it was fun night, right? Well this parody song from the people at College Humor tells a different story. A funny one.

Synchronized Robot Christmas Dance

Impressive but overlong video of a bunch of little robots doing a dance routine to the christmas song Silent Night and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Next thing you know, they will kill you with their laser eyes while you're unwrapping the presents... NEVER turn your back on a robot!

Techno Chicken

I have no idea but apparently this is an old advert for a chicken pizza. Really? Might as well be something that topped the charts in Europe during the summer, kinda sounds like it. Anyways, pretty catchy tune featuring some chickens. And why not.
Best Youtube comment:
"AMAZING! this has changed my life in so many ways..."

Family Guy - Something Something Something Darkside Full Trailer

Funny trailer for the second installment in the Family Guy Star Wars spoof. This time, The Empire Strikes Back comes under heavy fire from Peter Griffin and his family.
Youtube snip:
Coming out: Dec. 22, 2009 - While on the planet Hoth and being chased by Darth Vader (Stewie Griffin), young Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) has a vision of his dead mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi (Herbert), who tells him to go to the planet Dagobah and learn the ways of the Force from Jedi Master Yoda (Carl). Luke has a vision of the Empire capturing his friends. Believing this to be true, Luke forgoes his Jedi training in order to save his friends and confront Vader.

Elsewhere, Princess Leia (Lois Griffin) finds herself attracted to the scruffy pilot Han Solo (Peter Griffin) and, against all odds, the two fall in love.

Sex Offender Shuffle

Fantastic spoof video by Scott Gairdner. See Miami sex offenders singing about their wrongdoings in 80s style.

Tilt-Shift Hulkamania

Very cool tilt-shifted video of a wrestling match between Rick Flair and Hulk Hogan. Watch them fight it out, mini-style. Looks almost cute...
Youtube snip:
Hulk Hogan & Rick Flair duke it out at the Hulkamania tour in Melbourne, Australia this Saturday. This is an early edit released during the tour dates - to become a short film in the near future.

Record breaking cocktail genius!

Nice viral video for TGI Friday's. If you like your cocktails served with some skills and style, this video is for you. Amazing!
Youtube snip:
Watch it and weep. Chopping, flaring, back-bending cocktail flinging legends. Fire breathing sambuca kings. No one kicks it like the Prestwich Crew!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Google Search Stories: Batman

Nice new feature from Google on Youtube, telling a story just with search terms. This works surprisingly well and makes for an entertaining 30 seconds. Here's the Batman version.

The Sun applications

Yesterday I posted this viral video for The Sun, a UK newspaper (well, sort of). And it was actually quitew funny. Here's part 2.

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon in a Minute (Parody)

Youtube snip says it all really:
Parody of the travesty that is "New Moon."

Literally nothing happens in the entire movie. No, that's not an exaggeration. Here's a complete synopsis below of the actual film:

Edward leaves Bella after NOTHING HAPPENS at a party.
Bella spends a good third of the film wallowing in her misery instead of getting the hell over it.
Bella helps Jacob rebuild old motorcycles while NOTHING HAPPENS.
Bella leads Jacob on but NOTHING HAPPENS.
Edward almost kills himself BUT THEN DOESN'T.
Edward gets in a fight with the Volturi but IS THEN FORGIVEN.
Edward and Jacob make some kind of pact, THEN JACOB LEAVES.
Edward asks for Bella's hand in marriage, THEN THE CREDITS ROLL.

Now the movie itself is very pretty, the acting's fine, the soundtrack didn't piss me off, and the special effects are convincing. However, they don't distract me from the fact that the plot doesn't exist.

Rammstein vs. Cookie Monster

Now if everything fails for the beloved Cookie Monster in Sesame Street he could always replace the singer of German band Rammstein. See him here sing along to one of their noisy songs.

Exploding Tacos In Slow Motion

This is probably the best video in the world. Ever. Even better than keyboard cat. Videos of exploding tacos. I can die in peace now, for I have seen everything there is to see.

Cats on a treadmill

Funny video of two cats running on a treadmill. And not giving up. Because that's what cats have, determination. You go cats, beat the system!

Fifth Gear Loop the Loop

Fifth Gear resident stunt driver Steve Truglia executes a scientifically-precise, real-life Hot Wheels-style 360 loop on the world’s largest loop-the-loop track.
Youtube snip:
Replicating the clasic Hot Wheels set, Fifth Gear TV attempts to perform a full 360 degree loop in a full size car.

Major Lazer ft. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze - Keep It Goin' Louder

I don't care much for the music, but what I really want to know is WTF IS WRONG WITH THEIR FACES?

Hollywood vs New York

Cool compilation of scenes showing New York being destroyed from various movies, with accompaniment of Gershwin’s famous Rhapsody in Blue. You will enjoy this.

Surprised Kitty

via @urlesque and @bohemiacademia
Surprisingly to all, there is yet another fantasticly cute video of a fluffy kitten doing cutesy stuff going viral on teh internets. Oh, good for you!

Where's Rob?

Funny new hidden camera prank in public by the Improv Everywhere comedy people. Nice.
Youtube snip:
For our latest mission, Agent Lathan pretended to get lost during a Knicks game. Throughout the second half he kept appearing further and further away from his assigned seat with a confused look on his face.

Boxing Daim

Rather odd commercial for Daim, the chocolate thingie. Boxing and chocolate don't mix. srsly.
Youtube snip:
90s pop star Kavana makes his comeback in Boxing Daim after winning the Second Daim Around competition

The UK's best handheld for 40yrs

The Sun is not the best source for news, but this viral ad is pretty cool I admit.
The Sun has been the UK's best handheld for 40 years. Top news, sports, photos, gossip and games in an easy-to-share format. No waiting for pages to load, no contract, no losing reception. There's no substitute for the Sun.