Thursday, November 26, 2009

Automatic Mario - "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen

Are you familiar with automatic Mario? Basically it's an edited Mario level that plays itself. And here's one that plays music, too! This awesome video plays Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", and it's played by four different Mario levels running simultaneously. How awesome is that? Very awesome indeed!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Domo Darko (HQ Version Remastered 2009)

This is so awesome, I'm just gonna podt the youtube snip, that tells it all. I remember the original version from an old b3ta newsletter in 2003 and you can find it here on the LOL Factory somewhere in the archive.
This is footage from Domo-kun's original Japanese clips edited together to the song 'Mad World' as performed by Gary Jules and used in the film Donnie Darko.

At the time only low-res footage was around, but recently thanks to a fan of Domo Darko named Victor I was able to get the DVD footage and remaster almost the whole thing.

The original version of this was done in Feb 2003 and it went viral, eventually ending up on the main page of Gary Jules' official website. That year the song also became Christmas Number 1 in the UK.

Marks & Spencer's Christmas 2009 advert

It's less than a month to Christmas, so here we go with the xmas TV ads. Here's this year's Marks & Spencer telly ad featuring lots of celebs that will probably get loads of cash for looking all happy and cheery and all christmassy. Those bastards!

JC and the Gang: Thanksgiving

Here's another JibJab funny, Jesus and his gang celebrate Thanskgiving. Done with the famous "Last Supper" painting in their typical style. The funny animation will give you chuckles even if your belly hurts because you had too much turkey.

The KFC Ketchup Lady

@everythingist send this to me via the power of Twitter. THE POWAAARRRR!
Anyways, this ia clip of crazy lady asking for ketchup in a KFC. Not the nice way though.
visit The Everythingist for more.

Bubble Trouble

Here's short and funny clip showing you the harsh consequences of a run in with a seemingly innocent everyday object, the soap bubble. Something to brighten your day in you cubicle before getting fired for donwloading filth.

Beatles 3000

Hahaha, brilliant! A thousand years into the future, historians look at the legacy of The Beatles. This is full of LOLs.


This is great! Han Solo makes a really good Tony Montana, just watch for yourselves. I'm a sucker for anything Star Wars but it really helps that this mashup is rather good. Indeed. Hm. I say. Hear, hear.

Grace - PETA Thanskgiving Commercial

Here's PETA's contribution to give you a bad conscience this Thanksgiving. Unless you get a tofu-turkey, you see.

Susan Boyle's Dream

Behold, a clip from BBC Comedy.
Youtube snip:
In this episode of STFU, Britain's Got Talent legend, Susan Boyle gets questioned about her life in the spotlight. She also talks about her intimate relationship with her pet Pebbles. When it comes to men - will Susan choose to be with Piers Morgan or X-Factor's Simon Cowell?

Holidays in History: Thanksgiving

JibJab brings us a funny cartoon just in time for Thanksgiving to teach us all about the history of this beloved holiday. Listen and learn!

Man vs Toddler

Who will win this exciting and fair competition? A grown man or a toddler? I guess you'll have to watch to find out.

The Google Story

Cool animated video from Google's UK channel showing us the history of Google. Google, Google, Google. Sound kinda like the noises turkeys make, don't you think?
Youtube snip:
A (very) quick look back at the Google story over the last 11 years. From Stanford to Mountain View and around the world, featuring many different products, starting with BackRub (Search) up to Google Wave, StreetView and Chrome.

Halls Lozenges Japan Ad

Funny commercial for Halls lozenges from Japan. What canh I say, I'd rather have birds living inside me than one of them Alien chestbursters...

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody (in 1080p HD)

Wow, this is awesome! The Muppets sing Queen's song "Bohemian Rhapsody" in their very own way. And it comes in 1080p HD quality, how cool is that? Thank God for the Muppets, they save the day with this funny video.

Puppy Falls Asleep While Drinking

Funny and cute video of a little puppy sleeping in its drinking bowl. Very cute! Gotta get myself a little doggie...

Guy moves just like Michael Jackson - Orangina ad

Another ad for Orangina. Apparently, this guy moves "just like Michael Jackson". You don't really have to watch this unless you like a) dancing, or b) Michael Jackson. Otherwise skip this.

A world of funny dancers! - Orangina advert

Have a bunch of cool dancers in this commercial for the Orangina softdrink.
From Switzerland to USA, here are funny dancers and special moves from all over the world.

Utopia by Stella Artois

A look into the future of 1994 froma 60s viewpoint, brought to you by Stella Artois beer.
Youtube snip:
Alains heart is heavy. He is worried. What will 1994 look like if we dont start treating Mother Nature right? In Utopia Alain du Monde and Mini-Alain tell us how we can make the future beautiful.

Le Hedge Fund by Stella Artois

Funny ad for Stella Artois featuring Claude, the hedgehog.
Youtube snip:
An infomercial break fronted by Alain du Monde. Discover why Claude the Hedgehog has gone off Jazz and realise theres nothing funny about a sad hedgehog.

Florence et La Machine by Stella Artois

Another short viral for Stella Artois, featuring the song "You've Got the Love" by the band Florence and the Machine. Tres avant garde!
Youtube snip:
Live from 1963 and introducing the ELECTRONIC GUITAR, Alain du Monde presents the sound of the futureFlorence + Le Machine.

L'Origami by Stella Artois

Funny viral from Stella, the beer company. This is in the style of an old TV show. The origami skills kick ass!
Youtube snip:
Alain du Monde welcomes paper-folding master Marcel Magique Fingers for the first ever televised origami-off in Europe. Expect fast fingers and graceful hands.

Creative Window-Cleaner

Short and somehow not-as-rubbish-as-I-first-thought viral for some Dutch company or service or something, not sure. My Dutch is a bit rusty (non-existant).