Saturday, November 21, 2009

NZ Book Council - Going West

Going West, Maurice Gee. Animated by Andersen M Studio. Watch this stunning little stop-motion film as a paper book comes to life. I love this, paper art is so beautiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Descent Part 2 Official Clip

I really like the first Descent movie, hope that the sequel is just as good. Here's a little clip for you to enjoy.
THE DESCENT: PART 2 - The Feel Sh*t scared film of the Decade - IN CINEMAS DEC 4 / PREVIEWS DEC 2 & 3

Another One Bites The Dust - 8bit Cover - Superpowerless

Cool 8bit remix of the famous Queen song. Superpowerless added some funny pwned videos to underline the fact that "Another One Bites The Dust". See what I did there? I am so brilliant!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind

Hahaha, awesome! This is the famous "meeting the aliens" scene from the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind with a little redneck twist. It gave me a good couple of chuckles.

I Wanna Sex You Up: The Literal Video Version

@SeanieMic, the parody rapper, did this funny literal version of the song 'I wanna sex you up' originally by Color Me Badd. And bad is was whereas this is pretty funny.

Microsoft new viral spoof

You probably have all seen the new Microsoft viral where the store employees all start to dance, like in a badly imitated Improv Everywhere skit, right? Well, this is a spoof of aforementioned video. And it's the best. Yes, it is. Some swearing, btw.

Dr. Mario with Lyrics

Here's a funny little clip using the songs from the video game Dr Mario with lyrics and all.
Youtube snip:
Traditional and digital techniques combine in "Dr. Mario with Lyrics" to bring you the tale of a manic plumber turned manic medic... I mean Dr. Mario. Those of you who never wanted to see Wario's grizzled ass and Mario's nipples should avert your collective gaze at the appropriate times.

'The Posters Came from the Walls' excerpt 1

Cool video showing a brass marching band playing the song 'Personal Jesus' by Depeche Mode.
Youtube snip:
'The Posters Came From the Walls', a film about Depeche Mode fans around the world by Jeremy Deller and Nicholas Abrahams. www.theposterscamefromthewalls .com for more info on the documentary.

Scan Processor Studies

here's something that will gove you guaranteed nightmares if you watch this at about 3am all by yourself with headphones on.
Vimeo snip:
The SCAN PROCESSOR STUDIES are a collection of works by Woody Vasulka & Brian O'Reilly.

The full work is of total approximate duration of 45 minutes, with sections of various lengths, textures, and dynamic qualities.

The project first started while Woody and I were working on different commissioned projects at the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe Germany). He and Steina on the exhibition MINDFRAMES and Garth Knox and myself on the DVD and performance SPECTRAL STRANDS: FOR VIOLA AND VISUALS. Woody, Steina, Garth and I spent many nights screening works for moving images, playing music, and cooking, enveloped in the huge ghost town mood the ZKM's kitchen took on at night. During this time there were passionate discussions about video synthesizers (mainly my love for the Sandin Image Processor), and how Steina's VIOLIN POWER had a huge influence on Garth's and my new series of works.

The source materials were generated by Woody using a Rutt-Etra Scan Processor in the 1970's and sat on a shelf for years, having been recently digitized. Woody came into my studio one day and asked me if I would be interested in using them to work on a collaboration, and the project began from there...

The works use sources excavated directly from the output of the Scan Processor, as well as further manipulations using Tom Demeyer's ImX software, developed with input from Steina. Extensive editing and layering and additional augmentations were done using Phil Mortons IP. The Sound was generated (mostly) by custom software developed by Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan and myself called NETHER GENERATOR, which sets up a number of complex real time feedback networks filtered and processed by various means.

N.A.S.A: Tom Waits + Kool Keith, Spacious Thoughts

Youtube snip:
Boing Boing presents a music video from the N.A.S.A project: "Spacious Thoughts," featuring Tom Waits & Kool Keith, directed by Fluorescent Hill.

This has very cool animation and is well worth a watch or two. Probably two or more.

Know Your Meme: Balloon Boy

The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies recounts the realtime web experience that was Balloon Boy in their usual pseudo-scientific LOL kinda way. That's a good thing, by the way.

David Firth - Jerry Jackson - Drugs

Funny animation from David Firth, the guy behind 'Salad Fingers', about Drugs. This is brilliant, from a certain point of view. My point of view, in fact.

Rhod Gilbert - Luggage Problems

Here's Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert doing some funny comedy about losing his luggage on a flight to Dublin. It's funny and that's why it's here.

Poker Faces by Half Mast/Hat (Lady Gaga vs. Christopher Walken vs. Cartman)

Some of you may remember the Pokerface mash-ups with Cartman from South Park or Christopher Walken reading of the lyrics on the Jonathan Ross Show. Well, here's a mash-up of all 3. Yup, and it's quite good.

RED LIGHT : Biking Rules PSA

Red means stop! See, we can all earn from Hellboy. But this has nothing to do with Hellboy. This is a stop motion animation PSA done with LEGO teaching us that we should stop at red light. Unless, of course, we're in a hurry.

Video Store from PlayStation

Here's the launch advert for the Sony PlayStation video store which is available from November 19th on PS3 & PSP in various European countries. This means that I will never have to leave the house again. Oh, of course if I had a PS3, that is. Which I don't. So much for my digital entertainment.

Incredible helium choir experiment

This is an Italian advert for the Alfa Romeo MiTo GPL Turbo 120CV and I am quite proud of myself for the translation of the original title Incredibile esperimento di coro all'elio. I once had a pizza, so I know a little Italian. Go me! So they used a choir to sing some Mozart stuff while inhaling helium. The gas that makes your voice sound like a smurf. And if you inhale it for too long, it makes you see purple. trust me on this one.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pulp Mario Bros Fiction

This is a cool animation showing a more adult version of our beloved videogame hero Mario. You will like this if you're into animations and Mario and stuff. Very good thing, this.


Very cool animation of how the sky would look if Earth had rings like Saturn. It would look, very, very cool. That's how it would look.

Left 4 Dead 8bit version

You know, you don't need fancy graphics or 7-channel surround sound to enjoy a good game. I'm sure that's somehow true, otherwise why would I have spent 75 gazillion hours of my live playing on 8bit systems? Because I have no live you say? Well, yes but other than that... someone pass me the booze!
Youtube snip:
The flagship title of the PixelForce NES de-makes is Valve's Left 4 Dead.
This game play footage gives you an idea of what the project looks like in action and how it plays. As you can see, it's a standard top-down 4 directional action/shooter. Remade in the NES retro style, the resolution is at 256 x 240 and features 16 colors and a 4 sound channel soundtrack.

Painfully Honest and Epic Mobile Home Commercial

Mobile homes are nothing fancy, and this salesman sure doesn't try to sugarcoat his business. But this is no ordinary commercial, this is close to art. It's like Clint Eastwood had a mobile home business. Srsly.


It's time for some 8bit vulgarity! Although this is 8bit it's kinda NSFW. But still, you should watch this, it'S pretty awesome! Also, it's really more like 16bit. Now you know.
Youtube snip:
Truckers Delight animated video clip directed by newcomer wunderkid Jérémie Perin (Premiere Heure) who takes the song's title (a tribute to those little pleasures that the lonely truck- driver indulges himself in) and takes it to the next level. Think Spielberg's Duel + Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat Kill Kill! and Marc Dorcel's wildest fantasies. All warped into an 8-bit Sega era style graphic. And this clumsy and somehow pretentious description doesn't even come close to what you're about to see: it's très funny,très dirty, -très sexy. Très Flairs indeed.

Cat loves Cop

What sounds like the title of yet another Disney family adventure movie (or if your soul is much, much darker, like the title of some seedy zoophilia), then you're dead wrong. This is a short video of a cat showing its affection to an officer of the law. I almost wrote off cider there instead of officer. Time ot lay off the booze.

Baby Otter Sidney playing

Here's a cute video that gives you 5 minutes of pure fluffiness. A little otter playing with some toys. If you don't think this is cute you have no heart.

Peaches Geldof - Master of The English Language

Peaches Geldof, the daughter of Sir Bob, is sort of, like, a celebrity or something. Like, I don't really know and stuff. But she is really well-spoken.

Science World Ice Cream TV ad

Here's a rather odd video of a couple of elderly ladies licking ice-cream. In a sort of dirty fashion. There's nothing more I want to say except maybe I've been put off eating ice-cream for a while.

"Balancing Act" by Walter Wick

Here's a cool time-lapse video showing how photographer Walter Wick balanced a lot of stuff on a simple LEGO brick. But that's not the cool part. What you want to see is how it all falls apart. In slow motion. Because only out of destruction and chaos can we rebuild society after the robots have taken over. And this video is the starting point. There's a little robot in it, you see?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Look, @AndrewZilch made a hilariously funny Dagobah tourism video! It's the galaxy's most extreme vacation destination! All the cool kids go there, don't miss out!

Cute Own Goal

Cute video of an own goal in a kid's soccer game. LOL and "awww!"
Youtube snip:
This is an unreal video of a youth soccer goalie trying to punt the ball after making a save and kicking the ball back over her head and scoring in her teams goal. You can hear somebody yelling to throw the ball instead of punting, but nooooo she is too cool for that!!!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 7 Finale Preview

Here's a short but funny (and promising) sneak preview for the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Oh Larry David, funny yet so annoying.

Assassin's Creed 2 - Launch trailer

Okay, here we go with the cool launch trailer for the Assasin's Creed 2 videogame.
Youtube snip:
The wait is finally over, it is time once again to follow the creed! This time you will be living the life of Ezio Auditore, a young man whose life will be changed by unforseen events which will make him seek revenge and become a master Assassin.

Super Mario Castle Theme Death Metal

You don't have to be a fan of death metal music to enjoy this reworked castle theme from the popular jump and run game but stick with the video until the very end - there's some extra LOLs waiting just for you.

Pole dance ruins wedding

Although this looks suspiciously like a viral ad, this still gave me the LOLs. We have all the ingredients needed for an awesome and funny wedding video right here: A camera, and someone willing to make a fool out of themselves.

Tweetin On A Jet Plane

What are pilots doing on a plane to pass the time? Sleeping and missing their destination by over 200 miles? That is so yesterday! These days all the cool pilots use twitter. Just listen and observe, here's a funny music video telling you all about it!

Space Chair Project

via @TheDailyWhat
To promote Toshiba’s Regza SV LCD TV, London-based ad agency Grey London strapped a bunch of GPS devices and a helium balloon to a red armchair and sent the sucker soaring into the heavens.

The brave little living room chair made it to 98,268 feet before falling safely back down to earth.

Tauntaun Costume

OK, this is awesome. And I want this. Badly. Because I get goosebumps just looking at this fantastic Tauntaun constume. Let's celebrate with a bottle of wine (not that I have a problem with drinking. I do though.)! Hooray for geeks and star wars nerds!

Ritorno al Futuro - Back to the Future

Cool stop motion animation from some guys in Italy, this shows the famous scene from Back to the Future where Doc explains the concept of time travel to Marty (as he films it). You know, just before the terrorists arrive to complain about their non-working bomb. It's in Italian, just so you know an don't get confused.

DRIVe Around The World in 80 Days

Cool viral ad for a new Volvo Facebook application. And you even help the environment or something. By planting trees and stuff. Sorry, I still have a hangover.

Monday, November 16, 2009

BabyLove "Poo Explosion"

The name pretty much gives everything away. Just so you know, this is a funny commercial for BabyLove diapers.

Auckland Ferry Building Projection

Awesome! Projections are like mind candy. Or like fireworks for intellectuals. Not that I'm an intellectual. I mean, look at the content of this blog. However, I can appreciate cool stuff. Like this. SO awesome. Oh yes! Make me all warm inside (that might as well be the chili).
Youtube snip:
We created a 5 minute architecturally mapped film for the Auckland Ferry Building. This was a follow up to the Auckland Town Hall projections in May 2009. Again we worked with Inside-Out Productions [] who coordinated the whole event, plus The Electric Canvas [] who mapped the building to perfection. Also involved were Joel Gethin Lewis and Pete Helicar [] who created an interactive show on the building. Our film would screen every 30 minutes between each cycle of the interactive work.

Strokemeister (Shake Weight Parody)

There's a lot of stupid products out there being sold on TV and this shake weight crap is one of them. How convenient that someone with a lot more talent than me came up with this brilliant LOL infusing parody.

The Monday Night Football Promo the NFL Doesn't Want You to See

If you are not into football (the NFL game - not soccer), then you will pretty much approve teh LULZ for this funny spoof on all those terrible TV football promos. I do. You might want to sing along, too.