Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frasier Theme Backwards

If you’re one of those na├»ve ingrates who doesn’t believe that the show Frasier was a Satanic conspiracy designed to subliminally convince people to eat more Skittles, then I DARE you to listen to the theme song backwards.
Move over Twin Peaks…

Cutest band ever to rock Bestival!!!

These four tots took to the stage in the Xbox tent and got the crowd going with the Beatles twist & shout. Check out the tiny one with the Kanye sunnies!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boogie Maths

Another awesome animation by Cyriak. As usual it starts of pretty normal only to take a turn for the worse - but in a good way.
Youtube snip:
An educational cartoon for kids which explains mathematics through the medium of dance.
This was commissioned for Dave Gorman's show 'Genius' on BBC2 as part of their supplementary red-button content.

Fightback - Anti-Smoking Viral

When you smoke, your body takes a beating.
Youtube snip:
Hard hitting new campaign filmed by renowned directors Rankin and Chris for NHS Birmingham East and North.

Dr. Horrible takes over the Emmys

Awesome video of Dr. Horrible interrupting the Emmy Broadcast with a message for America. Haha, this is so awesome!

Riverdance Dog!

via @urlesque
#Funny video of a dog doing the Riverdance dance. I see a whole new trend emerging for Broadway with musical numbers done by dogs. And maybe cats.

Baby Dancing to Beyonce

via @snaptastic
#Funny video of a baby dancing to Beyonce. Like Kanye said, one of the best music videos of all time. This baby knows it!

Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Hollywood speaks out to help insurance companies. Protect Insurance Companies PSA - Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, and other celebs band together to protect insurance company profits from the evils of health care reform.

Haha, Obama, why? LOL