Friday, September 4, 2009

Cyanide & Happiness - Waiting for the Bus

Stunningly sad and hilariously ironic at the same time, it's the new animation from Cyanide & Happiness. You will laugh your socks off (if you're wearing any, that is).

U900 -Walk Don't Run

Here's something to relax your mind, a nice ukulele rendition of the surf guitar classic "Walk, Don't Run" performed by the Japanese ukulele duo U900. Nice, isn't it?

Hitler finds out about another Downfall parody

If this isn't the Downfall parody to end all Downfall parodies then I don't know. This is as clever as it is funny, witty and . It had me LOLing all day, which is why I can post this just now.

Rock Band: Radiohead Edition

Funny TV ad spoof for a Radiohead version of Rock Band. I would actually like to see this made. Great animation video from Popzilla, the new comedy series on MTV.


Cool video of a videogame that takes elements of the arcade classic Pong and football (or soccer). Looks like fun, I would love to play this!
Vimeo snip:
Sportpong - The Sporty Arcade Game
Invited to the Art Foundry Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen Sportpong was located in the metal workshop, an amazing and unique ambiance.

Infomercial Hell

Fantastic nightmarishly awesome and funny (what a mix) video compilation of infomercial stuff from the people at Very funny stuff ,and I'm sure you will all recognize a couple of those infomercials.

Salvador Dali likes Chocolate

Here's an old TV advert for a French chocolate bar with surrealist artist Salvador Dali. It's actually pretty funny.


Great new funny video from Frenchman Remi Gaillard. In this video he pranks unsuspecting people on their bicycles and gives them a fantastic Tour de France style welcome. Tres awesome, Remi! Le chat est dans la rue avec la voiture. Or something like that.

Oscar the Cat Dancing

Here is a small tribute video to Oscar, a friend's cat. Oscar passed away this week and I'm showing this to honour him. He always liked to dance. So watch this and think of all the lovely cats in your life and how they all go to heaven and stuff.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slow Motion Food Fight

Yes, another fantastic slow motion video! This time, prepare for an awesome food fight like you've never seen before - so slow, yet so awesome! Oddly enough this is an advert for pants. Or trousers, as the Brits would say.

McFly McFly McFly

Cool video cutting together all the "McFly's" from the movie Back to the Future. I would pay good money to see this version on the big screen. And by big money I mean not more than 1$. McFly!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse

So this guy walks about 4,000 miles on foot through China and doesn't cut his hair and grows a beard. And, of course, does a timelapse of the whole thing and puts it on the internet. What else to do?

Dangerous Condom Applicator

Funny comedy from College Humor! I would go nowhere near this hellish machine.

HOSTAGE: A Love Story with Zachary Quinto

A hostage and a hostage-taker get dangerously close to one another. "Stockholm Syndrome" gone wrong. Big LOLs in this!

A chicken building her nest

Look, a video of a chicken building her nest with paper tissues! Because they're so soft and comfy, that's why.

William Shatner - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Funny, cool and rather psychedelic animated video to William Shatner's version of the Beatles' classic Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This is fantastic!


A restricted trailer for the second installment of the Boondock Saints. Looks like the boys are back. And stuff. Guns, too.

French Pulp Fiction

Cool spoof video of the famous 'quarterpounder with cheese' scene from Pulp Fiction, here presented in a funny french version. Winner of MTV's Basterdize Tarantino contest.

Cat Shower

Question: What the hell is wrong with this cat?

Fat Pie's David Firth ridicules 2009's music scene

Funny BBC comedy animation thing about the music trends in 2009. So spot on it hurts. But there's no cats in it.

Assassin's Creed 2 - Gameplay Trailer (HD)

I am sorry if I am boring you with all these game trailers, but I suppose it's just a phase and it will go away. I own a Wii and can only look in awe at the awesome graphics for the xbox 360 and PS3, so forgive me for this. Here's a cool HD trailer for Assassin's Creed 2. Looks nice.

Slow Moscow

Cool video of Moscow in slow motion. Various scenes from Moscow filmed at 300 frames per second for extra clear slow motion.

Play him off, Keyboard Sam!

Here's a Keyboard Cat tribute video from Ubisoft featuring Sam Fisher of Splinter's Cell fame. This gave me videogame-geek and internet-meme-geek chuckles. Double win!
Update: Ubisoft deleted the original video from their channel. This is a slightly different version. Blame them, not me.

Celebrity Fame Zeppelin

Lines are closed. Lines are open. Celebrity Fame Zeppelin is an exclusive new reality format show broadcast from a Zeppelin. A parody of Big Brother , this animated sketch comes from their Radio 4 show "That Mitchell and Webb Sound".

Vegetable Panic

This is the awesome animation by Chris Warren for his university final project. It totally rocks and was made entirely using Photoshop and After Effects.
This animation is suitable for vegetarians.

Fat Man Can Can

Now, ok. If you liked the previous video, then you will also enjoy this. It looks like Norm is going to be the next big thing on this internet thing. At least until the end of this week. So here's 'Fat Man Can Can'.

Fat guy swearing

If you remember this video of a guy called Norm ranting about all the haters on his youtube channel, then you will enjoy this video, too. Otherwise, just move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

We’re gonna crack open the big egg

Wow! This is just as awesome as it is crazy. A very big egg gets cracked open. Laid by a chicken, not a mutant. Egg includes a suprise. SO watch this and have an omelette or something.

'Extract' Beavis & Butthead Film Forum

I had the trailer for the new Mike Judge comedy 'EXTRACT' on the LOL Factory here yesterday and today we get two famous Mike Judge characters presenting a clip from the movie. Beavis and Butthead! Yay!

Beavis & Butthead present a clip from the film 'Extract'

Metropolis Crimes - Mood trailer

Cool trailer for the upcoming Ubisoft videogame 'METROPOLIS CRIMES'. Looks very interesting and sets a great mood!


Very cool video of some art projection on a castle. Looks like a castle to me. Could also be a mansion, what the hell do I know. Still, very impressive and cool stuff. Everyone should watch this!
Youtube snip:
We got invited along to do some video mapping projections at a secret festival in the North East of England. The theme and logo of the party was the heart. We spent a couple of weeks in the studio creating the show which opened the party.

Leviathan trailer

Check out this trailer for the ‘Steampunk’ genre novel Leviathan written by Scott Westerfeld, which is due out October 6.

From what I have read about the novel, it sounds like a great story line. It is basically about an alternate world where we fought World War I with crazy ass “War Machines”. The character Deryn Sharp is disguised as a boy so that she can join the British Air Service

“Penny Lane” - Literal Video Version

I must have missed this particular literal version, I find it quite amusing. Also, this hypes me up for the release of the Beatles Rock Band game. I might actually get it.

Time-Lapse Bike Rides 2004-2009

A guy cycles around Toronto for five years with a GPS attached to his recumbent bike, etches a beautiful street map of the city.

Youtube snip:
A time-lapse animation of my recumbent cycling in Toronto, spanning 2004 to 2009. In all, about 650 hours of cycling totalling almost 8100km.

This is the total record of all my recumbent riding. Individual years are also available as separate videos, and there are more details in the comments on those.

The red path represents five minutes of cycling. Rides outside the borders of the map are represented by a red arrow; the longer the arrow, the further the bike is from the border.

Raving Rabbids discovering a mysterious object

Have a look to what happened when the Rabbids (of Rayman fame) discover this mysterious and intriguing object: the shopping cart!

30 Rock XXX Parody Trailer

Kinda funny trailer for the XXX parody of the NBC comedy '30 Rock'. I find this almost as good as the original show.

Cute Puppy on its Back

Awesomely cute video of a little puppy that fell on its back and can't get back on its feet. Just like a bug. This is so adorable and cute! Dog and cat videos are the backbone of the internet.

Michael Jackson Thriller Dance - World Record

This took place in Mexico City a couple of days ago. 13,957 people danced to MJ's Thriller simulataneously. World Record. It's that easy.

Kitten in a Box

Cute video of a fluffy, tiny kitten in a small box. Cats are just adorable!

The Walrus And The Carpenter - Superpowerless - Alice In Wonderland - 8bit

Great 8bit music video by Superpowerless. The video is made up from footage of Alice in Wonderland (Walt Disney 1951). The lyrics used in the song are from Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871) which was written by Lewis Carroll.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Extract' Trailer (HD)

Awesome and funny new trailer (number 2) for the new comedy by Mike Judge. The creator of Beavis and Butthead (as well as Office Space and other funny stuff) fame.

Youtube snip:
To the outside eye, Joel Reynold seems to have everything. After all, being the owner of a business he built from the ground up - with its patented brand of culinary extracts - should make the Extract King a happy man. However, if Joel hasnt reached his front door by 8 oclock, hell find his wife, Suzie cinching up her sweatpants and about as interested in him as he is in her mastery of supermarket coupon design. Sexually frustrated, Joel confides in his best pal, Dean, a barkeep and soon finds himself wrapped up in a convoluted scheme to make Suzie cheat on him first with a dim-witted gigolo thereby allowing him to pursue beautiful new employee Cindy with a clear conscience. Unbeknownst to Joel, the object of his affections is a con artist/sociopath - just one step away from having her parole revoked. Meanwhile, Joel and his second-in-command, Brian have entered negotiations for a buyout of Reynold Extracts by General Mills. All they need to do is keep things tidy, quiet and moving while waiting for the final offer. Of course, this fails to take into account the employees on the factory floor.

Seahawks mascot goes skydiving!

Cool video of the Seattle Seahawks mascot, Blitz, making a tandem sky dive with Luke Aikins of the Red Bull Air Force. They don't pay these guys in costumes enough money. Seriously.

The death of Jim Davidson (by Cyriak)

Another great animation by Cyriak. This gus is just awesome!
Youtube snip:
For non-UK residents, Jim Davidson is an old-fashioned racist British comedian.

This clip was commissioned for a tv show but ended up on the cutting-room floor. So here it is, risen from the grave to make the world a slightly happier place.

Depp Sleeping Kitten

As the title suggests, here's a video of a cute kitten that's deep asleep. Nothing seems to wake it up. Too much NyQuil. Or Vodka. Probably both. I know cats, see.

Wacky World of Sports - Gameplay Trailer

Cool and funny trailer for the upcoming Wii game 'Wacky World of Sports' by Sega. Get ready for some Tuna Tossing, Card Boxing and Ice Golf.

Auto-Tune the News #8: dragons. geese. Michael Vick. (ft. T-Pain)

This never gets old, another great episode of Auto-Tune The News! Yay! My favourite bit is still Katie Couric: "Very thin ice". Simply awesome!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Prank Gone Wrong - Hiding On The Refrigerator

A kid tries to scare his sister by hiding on top of the fridge. What could possibly go wrong?

Ginger Loves People

Funny video of 'Adopt a Pet', a TV show in which yaou can take care of animals like dogs and stuff. In this funny clip the dogs don't quite behave as expected. Especially Ginger discovers her love for people. LOL!

Dog babysitting a chicken

Great news report about a dog taking care of a little chicken. Cute!

Linux Baby Rocker

This is what happens when linux geeks make babies: a baby-soothing PC.

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

WTF? This is crazy and probably NSFW. Strange, but funny .So watch this and let me know what you think what the hell this just is...

Youtube snip:
Deep in the forest lived Billy and his charming companions. They peacefully honed their bodies and listened to music there. But a wave of development came upon the forests. One who would turn all to road. Kagamine Rin had come.


Activision have licensed a bunch of old and new clips of people doing stupid things and hurting themselves and got Swede Mason of Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox fame to mash them all up into a viral for a new car racing game called Blur. He's done a wicked job.

Glenn Beck Loses All His Advertisers

Funny comedy sketch from Landline TV. Glenn Beck shoots some new spots for his advertisers. Starring Rob Webber.

DW Kung Fu Combo

While we're on topic of cool music videos, here's DW Kung Fu Combo Movie Final. Deryl Wingate has taken sounds from a Kung Fu movie and turned them into a music video. Not much explanation needed, really. just watch and enjoy! There's also a great reference to a certain song about big butts.


The guy behind the cool 'Alice' music video (Pogo) has done it again, this time he presents us with a cool music video with bits from the Steven Spielberg movie 'Hook'. This is another great catchy tune!