Saturday, July 11, 2009

On the Couch with Marilyn Manson

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson gets a session with Pocket TV shrink Matt Edmondson to help overcome all those anger issues.

H. Bibbety "I'm Luvin' You (Take You To McDonald's)"

Comedian Matt Harbert twittered me asking if I think his video (a comedy song) is funny. I think it is - what do you think? Here's Matt as H. Bibbety, rapper, hip-hop star and fast food fan, with his new hit single "I'm Luvin' You (Take You To McDonald's)".

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A different ending: Interactive YouTube film

London based adifferentending is a unique interactive film that follows one young man's life or death choices.

‘Choose a different ending’ is a new and exciting interactive game you don’t just watch, you live. You control what happens next and watch the story unfold. How will your story end?'

Posted on YouTube, the film operates as a series of interlinked video shorts, where the viewer is given a series of choices at the end of each episode, which in turn dictate the direction the story will take.

To find out more visit or search online for “choose a different ending".

Are you unique? Test yourself!

This is pretty awesome and you will never guess that this cool viral video is for a model competition. I might join!

The time has finally come! After countless long nights, blood, sweat and tears, Police is finally launching its competition today. From 8 June until the 30 August we will be together looking for the new POLICE face.

To enter the competition just go to, create your profile and upload your best photos. The winner will have the chance to win a professional model shooting and be the face of the Police 2010 marketing campaign.

After a preselection of 60 people by the internet world itself one winner will be selected, by a panel of judges of De Rigo S.p.A and its creative agency, so just be yourself, upload your photos and compete for the grand prize.

To promote the competition, Police has created a nice viral video that works on the insights of testing ourselves to reach the best targets.

The video is available in bigger size on YouTube at:


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dog Barks at Himself on Youtube

Look, a video of a dog, barking at a video of himself on youtube! I bet that he is just complaining that the camera adds ten punds and he looks fat. See, dogs are very conscious about their looks!

Horse scares Girl

This video is full of LOLs and ROFLMAOs! During an interview with a woman a horse seems to have a different opinion and voices it pretty loudly. Ah ,the LOLs!

Vanishing Head Illusion

Very cool illusion and video, I must say. Try this and get that WTF feeling! See how this guy's head vanishes and go "Whoah", just like Keanu!

2009 MLB All Star Game Commercial

This is the cool Fox Network 2009 MLB All-Star Game commercial, and it's awesome! Not that I have a clue how baseball works. But I know you should never ever eat thew hotdogs they sell there.

UK Royal Guards Play Thriller

Pretty cool video of the Army's Band of the Coldstream Guards busting out a performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller in front of Buckingham Palace. I bet the Queen liked it very much.

Play Fight Turns Ugly

Ouch! What starts off as a playful fight between two kids ends in, well, not a tragedy, but surely a sore lip and a life lesson learned. Still gives me the LOLs because of the stupidity of those kids. Seriously, what were they thinking?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Norton Commando Transformer

Awesome cgi animation by Steve Twist. This is his major project for his BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation undergraduate degree at Bournemouth University (NCCA). 8 months of work from concept to completion. CGI produced in Houdini 9.5, composited in Shake. And, not to forget, a top notch animation! Eat this, Michael Bay!


A couple of pencil-outlined birds escape from a little girl´s drawing, leading us through the life she dreams of. Very pretty stop motion animation I found via twitter (@raisins).

Bruno Movie Quoting Taskforce

Homeland security creates a special taskforce to combat the upcoming threat of Bruno quoting. Funny sktech from the people at Landline TV. Featuring Bradford Jordan, Craig Rowin, Megan Neuringer, John Frusciante, Sharon Spell, Saj Pothiawala, Yoni Lotan, Logan Smith, Travis Helwig, Darren Miller, Alan Starzinski, and Jared Neumark. Written by Landline. Shot by Noah Yuan-Vogel.

Sticky Road

Funny video of people getting stuck on a road because of a new layer of tar that hasn't dried yet. I guess their shoes are totally ruined!

Fun with webcams

A music video of the different kind. A catchy tune and an elaborate use of webcams make this cool video stand out, also I don't have a clue what the song is about. But I guess it doesn't matter, the clever use and editing of webcam footage makes more than up for it.

Guy stands on his head, drinks milk, fails

The video title pretty much says it all. A video of a guy (from Japan nonetheless, which makes this wacky video more entertaining) standing on his head and attempting to drink a glass of milk through a straw. The word that comes to mind is (apart from the usual WTF): Epic Fail! Oh, and LOL.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cat likes to be hit

This is a video of a cat getting hit with a paper tube. Repeatedly. But the cat is enjoying it. A little bit too much, if you ask me.

Barack Obama Robot at Disneyland

This video shows the introduction of Barack Obama into Disney's hall of presidents. Animatronic presidents. OMG! If this robot starts firing lasers from its eyesockets you know what do to.

Stroller Pug

Pretty cute video of a pug pushing a stroller with two pug dolls. Yes, maternal instincts hit everyone sooner or later and this little pug got them just now. Looks kinds cute, and might end up as a commercial for life insurance or a sugary soda.

Dr Who Theme (Dub Version)

Nice and relaxing chill music ahead, this is the Dr Who theme played in a lovely dub version. Oh yes, very nice!

Train vs. Tornado

Spectacular video of a freight train derailing during a tornado. Pretty cool video from the onboard camera of the train, really awesome. The fun doesn't start 'till about 1:10, but it's worth the wait.

The PEN Story

For their camera's 50th anniversary Olympus tells a story of/with the Pen camera in a 3-minute stop motion animation: 60,000 pictures, 9600 developed prints, more than 1800 pictures reshot. Oh, and no post-production. Very cool animation!

Fly powered plane

This guy captures a fly, build a little paper plane and uses the fly as the motor. If I had any patience I might try this myself. Get ready to fly the fly. Get it?, haha. Quite mazing footage when he takes the fly powered plane outside for its maiden voyage. So awesome!

HD Video Projection on Ancient Castle

Very cool video of a HD projection onto an ancient castle. That is all the video title gives away, and there's not much more that you need to know in order to enjoy this. The graphics are pretty amazing and look very pretty bordering on the trippy. Cool stuff!

2012: It's a Disaster!!!

Funny spoof trailer of 2012, the new Roland Emmerich disaster movie vehicle but this awesome video right here is so much better. I'd actually go and watch the movie if this was the actual trailer! Very cool, very awesome, very FTW!

Jeremy Clarkson in a microwave

Funny and clever animation of our favourite TV star. I really don'T like Jeremy Clarkson, so I have no problem laughing manicaly when watching this video.
As the youtube description says:
a short story with a happy ending


Footage from a news report "inside Neverland" showing Michael Jackson's ghost caught on camera. Well, kinda.

Bleeding Road Safety Sign

Cool video of a news reports showing a new kind of road safety sign. When it rains the sign starts to bleed. Looks creepy and will probably freak out a lot of drivers.

Cool Bat Tricks

And by bat I don't mean the animal, of course I am talking about a baseball bat. So here's a video of a gouy doing some pretty cool tricks with his bat. Kinda like the video of this other guy doing cool tricks with his bat. But different.

Couples Retreat Trailer

Funny trailer for the new romcom (romantic comedy, you knew that, didn't you?) with Vince Vaughn. Something about couples and stuff. Some LOLs maybe included.

Ted Danson gets creepy

A short clip of Ted Danson reading utterly terrible pick-up lines from a book. I bet he used them all. Probably invented half of them, too.

The boss has got sunstroke

The MD’s back from his Direct Holidays Tropical Escape, but something’s not quite right!

Times are hard, profits are down. But ...... the MD is back with renewed vigour and he’s about to put things right with some unconventional “tropical sun inspired” measures. They’ll have the board and the workers getting hot under the collar and spitting feathers (and coffee). He’s loved his Tropical Escape. He’s got “the direct effect” and he’s determined to spread the holiday feeling. Conga on!

Kill Bill In One Minute

The movie Kill Bill shortended down to about a minute by The University of York Filmmaking Society. Very nice, and saves you the money to rent 2 long movies.

MADONNA's Michael Jackson Tribute (The O2 4th July)

Here's a short clip of Madonna's tribute to Michael Jackson during her Sticky And Sweet Tour performance at the London O2 Arena. A dancer dressed as Michael doing some cool moves. Yeah.

Stars & Stripes FOREVER! (Muppets Variation)

So 4th of July is more than over, but this video will still be funny. But even funnier on a national holiday that celebrates the US of A. So save this one for next year's 4th of July celebrations and see the musical tribute by the Muppets introduced by Sam the eagle.

Bare essentials of safety from Air New Zealand

Nobody ever pays any attention to the safety instructions on a plane. This is why Air New Zealand put bodypaint on their otherwise very naked crew members to make the video more interesting. All eyes on safety it is!

Star Wars "Cantina Band" on Chapman Stick

I'm pretty sure that I posted this video before, but it's rising on other sites and I might as well post it again because it's so awesome. The guy in this video plays the famous Cantina song from Star Wars on a Chapman stick. And it sounds quite nice.