Friday, June 19, 2009

Moby - Pale Horses

This is the official music video for Pale Horses, from Moby's new album WAIT FOR ME out June 30 on Mute. Very nice animation and pretty cool song.

MINIMALISM - Commercial

Cool commercial called minimalism for the Mini. The car. Not the skirt. See, a wordplay! I am so clever.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Word of Warcraft Commercial

Crazy awesome commercial for the new Moutain Dew World of Warcraft juice. They call it Mtn Dew cause that makes it cooler. Also, gamers have more time to do other stuff if they don't have to read all those irritating letters and stuff.

Comcast Rabbit Commercial

Awesome and cool commercial for Comcast's fast high-speed super-duper internet access. Probably still blocking bittorrent.

Auto-Tune the News #5: lettuce regulation/American blessings

This never gets old now, does it? What the world needs now is a mash-up of auto-tune the news with keyboard cat. Seriously.

Coffee-Making Manga Robot

Run for the hills! As long as there's still time and this little adorable robot is occupied by making coffee. Soon he'll get bored and kill you in your sleep. 100% fact.

POST-IT LOVE - short film

Two office-mates take a bunch of post-it notes to get one anothers attention. It works, of course. I think that both of them should be fired for doing this during working hours, albeit this being a rather cute office romance type thing...

Transformers Viral Video: Bike Runs Away

Here's a rather funny viral video for the new Transformers movie. Either that, or we're all doomed.

Youtube description says:
Kelv ragging this scooter we nicked. Well funny hes
showing off to the girls. But WTF happened when we tried to
torch it! Havent seen Kelv since. Sucker. But checkit!

Kanye West RoboCop in 8bit awesomeness

Really cool 8bit graphics version by Youtuber Myk31 of the Kanye West song Robocop. He created all the graphics himself for the video and there are references to other videogames in there (like MegaMan II, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Battletoads, Double Dragon, and Ninja Gaiden). Very, very awesome!

Rubik's Cube Madness - RUBIKCUBISTE

I was never too keen on those evil Rubik's cubes, mainly because I never had the patience to finish them. This guy, a french artist going by the name Space Invader, takes a lot (and I really mean a lot) of those cubes and makes pretty pictures. Like little mosaic pieces, you know? Just watch and make "wow" noises.

2012 - New Full Trailer #3

Here's the new trailer for 2012, the new movie by Roland Emmerich of ID4 and the Day After Tomorrow fame. Another movie with lots of explosions and slow motion ocean waves destroying civilization. And explosions. Lots of them. Michael Bay would be proud.

Big Dog, Little Dog

Hahaha, how awesome this video is! Seriously. A big dog and a little dog, a little explanation: Hey presto! A funny video featuring two stupid dogs. LOL!

Freshwater otter plays piano

OK, this video is admittedly not as good as anything that Keyboard Cat does, but the little otter playing the keyboard should still get an A for effort.

Holograms (comedy from Scott Gairdner)

Funny comedy showing how useful a hologram can be to keep in touch with your love ones (awwwww)! And remember: 40& of all holograms are instinctively evil. 100% fact.

Robot Violinist

This is how it starts. First, the robots learn how to play Land of Hope and Glory on the violin. Then we have skynet, the terminators, transformers and other giant killing machines hunting us down.

Zombieland Official Trailer (HQ)

Funny trailer for the awesome ridiculous looking Zombieland movie. The movie is a post-apocalyptic zombie comedy and was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and directed by Ruben Fleischer. Starring Woody Harrelson.

Children's TV shows as movies

After Transformers and GI Joe, what other toys from our childhood should be remade as movies on the big screen? This informative and utterly funny video has the answer.
Potential candidates are: Care Bears vs My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, Teddy Ruxpin, The Smurfs, The Koosh Ball, Play Doh, and Alf. Oh I can't wait to see them!

Michael Bay Breakast Cereal Commercial (Spoof)

Funny video showing what it would look like if Michael Bay would direct a typical breakfast cereal commercial. Pretty accurate, though I am missing the explosions, helicopters and magic hour shots.

'She's Got the Look' contestant meltdown

Crazy WTF video of a contestant on TV Land's "Top Model"-like reality show "She's Got the Look" had a spectacular meltdown. What is this show doing hidde naway on cable? I demand a prime time network slot, now!

Cowboy Curtis - Laurence Fishburne on Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Here's a video of Morpheus from the Matrix before he took the red pill. He was Cowboy Curtis on the kids TV show Pee Wee's Playhouse. Oh yeah!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey! Dinosaurs

Look, it's the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park saying "hi!". And then eating you. Probably. Cause that's what dinosaurs do. 100% fact.

Deadline - stop motion animation

Cool video made from a lot of post-it notes. It's artist Bang-Yao Liu's senior project from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). Now you know.


Funny stop motion animation with little LEGO people about the evil that is spam comments on youtube. LOL and stuff!

Weird Al Yankovic - Craigslist

Weird Al's homage to The Doors, featuring Ray Manzarek himself on keyboards. Video directed by Liam Lynch. Great comedy song about Craig's List!

Jay Leno Applies For Job With Local TV Station

Jay Leno's first TV bit after The Tonight Show with Charlie Blum on Lakeshore News Tonight.

Destroy Build Destroy trailer

No, this is not a recruitment video for children terrorists, it's a trailer for the new Cartoon Network TV show "Destroy Build Destroy" in ehich kids blow up stuff, build stuff from the remaining parts, and, wait for it, blow them up again! Sounds like the best TV show idea ever to me.

Bathtub V by Keith Loutit

Another great tilt-shift video that makes a real life port scenery look like something from a miniature world. Very cool indeed!

Play Helen off Keyboard Cat. And then join Hall and Oates.

Probably the best Keyboard Cat video ever. Seriously. Not only is this one example of fine acting, no Keyboard Cat takes it even further by joining up with 80s music group Hall and Oates. No kidding and 00% fact.

Theremin controlled Mario

Someone set us up the classic 8bit Mario Bros with a theremin used as a controller. I kid you not. This is what happens when geeks have too much time. They don't work on sexy robots. This is what they do.

Super Keyboard Cat Bros.

OK. Mario Bros and Keyboard Cat in 8bit fashion. What more do I need to say? Very awesome. And so very old, by internet terms. I will never, never ever, be offline again for more than 2 days in a row. I promise. Unless, of course, someone offers me a free holiday. And free booze. Keyboard Cat!!!!

I Kissed A Girl - Power Metal Version

What do you get if you mix Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl with some typical power metal chords and drums? Well, you guessed it, you get this. And it's only half as bad as the idea sounds. In fact, this is growing on me. Like backhair, but with more awesomeness.

Baby Break Dance

Funny viral video from Evian showing a break dancing baby. Looks like their water turns babies into cute little dance stars.