Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drummers drums on drums made of ice

Here's a video of a guy drumming of a drum set made of ice. Sometimes a video doesn't need an introduction.

Dizzee Rascal falls of the stage at concert

Here's a funny video of UK hip hop star Dizzee Rascal falling of the stage during a concert. Did anyone notice? Hehehehe.

Non Treqitur - Star Trek (TNG) WTF video

Here's some random nonsense with the TNG crew. Very random. But made me LOL like a monkey on a giant peanut.

Polite Umbrella

Here's something the world needs more than a cure for cancer: the polite umbrella. Gives you privacy when you need to dig deep into those hard to reach places deep inside your nose or when you're in a crowded place. Or whatever.

Facebook Status-Off

Funny comedy from the people at Untucked Films about two guys having a Facebook Status war. Yeah, just watch it, you surely have 4 minutes for a laugh, don't you? Go make yourself LOL.

Reporter makes kid cry

A golden TV moment! Watch this field reporter outplay a toddler in basketball and boast about it. The kid cries, the reporter taunts him even more and becomes the biggest douche on live TV.

Milk Carton Prank

Funny prank that is also educational. It teaches you not to drink straight from the milk carton with your filthy mouth. use a glass instead. Very funny video. And I am an authority on the field of funny videos so you better believe me. When I say LOL - I mean LOL.

We Have Band - You Came Out (Official Music Video)

Cool stop motion music video by the band We Have Band in which they do cool stuff with face paint.

Youtube snippet:
The face paint animation film is made up of 4,816 separate stills. Each and every frame was hand-painted, shot, wiped off and redrawn, slightly differently for the next frame in order to create a seamless sequence. This time-consuming process involved the band members lying still for two consecutive days in a studio.

In order to animate the singing bit, lip movement was created by animating a painted mouth on the singer Dede. This involved breaking the lyrics into phonetics and giving each sound a specific mouth shape. To make this as realistic as possible all the mouth shapes were painted on Dedes face individually and then shot.

In short: Pretty cool animation.


Clearly a parrot with an awkward taste in music. Also, one of the funniest animal videos ever made. A parrot headbanging to death metal music. Now I habe seen everything and can die in piece.

Millie Jackson "F*ck you" symphony

I have no idea what the f*ck this is about. Someone send me this link and it looks like some sort of artistic free specch thing in opera form. Th keyword throught the whole piece is "f*ck you". And why the f*ck not. Kinda awesome, kinda wtf but all in all I just don't give a f*ck.

Hippies tell Superman it's ok to be a freak

Looks like Superman has been hitting the funny cigarettes again as he is hanging out with hippies and discussing serious issues and stuff. I guess. LOL for WTF-ness of it all.

Offbeat space experiments

Here's a cool video showing that NASA just doesn't waste 9 million dollars on a space toilet, oh no sir. They also have the time to do some funky space experiments. Probably after having some space beer and space cakes. Those wacky astronauts, always up to something. In any case, I suppose this had some real life scientific background. I hope. Otherwise the space shuttle missions will turn into a very expensive version of space spring break.

Anyways, here's what happened:
The experiments, which the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has dubbed “Try Zero-G,” consist mainly of physical exercises and gymnastics (including calisthenics, push-ups, flips, twirls, cartwheels, overhead soccer kicks, and swimming). In addition, Wakata folds clothes, rides a “magic carpet,” squirts water from a syringe, puts eyedrops in his eye, and attempts to propel himself through the room by flapping a fan. He also enlists the help of a fellow astronaut for some arm wrestling, hand-shaking, slap sumo, and tug of war.

Real Street Fighter Wannabe

A guy dressed up as Ryu from the Street Fighter videogame smashes a car with his hands. And because that's not crazy enough he also spits fire at the car. Sure, why not. Anything that gives me LOLs is ok in my book. Also: WTF?

Muppets: Beaker's Five Word Speech at The Webby Awards

Oh noes, poor Beaker! The muppet is having some technical difficulties with hilarious consequences during his speech at the 13th annual Webby Awards.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cat and a Theremin

Funny video of a cat playing around with a theremin music thing. The cat is pretty mesmerized. So am I.

A Capella Africa (by Toto)

Very cool music video of a choir singing an a capella version of Toto's Africa. However, before the singing starts, they use their fingers and snap around and make it sound like a storm. Which is much cooler than I make it sound. 100% fact.

Funny Commencement Speech by Eugene Mirman

Pretty funny speech given by this guy at Lexington High School. Very funny because this is not your typical speech - for sure this guy has guts speaking in front of all these people and getting away with what he is saying. Still, the audience laughs along! Very funny stuff!

Remi Gaillard goes Diving in a Zoo

Pretty funny video by prankster Remi Gaillard in the zoo. He goes diving with the penguins and stuff. Watch it and make the LOL sound.


Another great video by prankster Remi Gaillard. This time he takes on football, or soccer for some people. Very cool video, awesome skills and definitely a video to share with your friends.

Oceansize - short movie

Oceansize is a pretty awesome short 3D movie made by 4 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008: Romain Jouandeau, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazières and Fabien Thareau. This little movie clock in just under 8 minutes and it takes a little time to get really into, but there's a fabulous pay off and you really should watch this! Tentacle monster! Need I say more?

Trippy Basement Jaxx Raindrops Music Video

Here's the new cool and trippy music video of Basement Jaxx. It's called Raindrops and is full of beautiful colours, beautiful girls and caleidoscope like graphics that make you go woah. Like Neo in The Matrix, but with less Keanu. No Keanu, in fact.

Happy Birthday Donald Duck

75 years ago Donald Duck made his first appearance in the cartoon "The Wise Little Hen". This cartoon marked the debut of Donald Duck. Donald and his friend Peter Pig try to avoid work by feigning stomach aches until Mrs. Hen teaches them the value of labor. This cartoon was released on June 9, 1934. so go watch it now. Of course it is pretty dated, but still funny.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Budlight Commercial - Beer & Porn

Apparently Budweiser made this video exclusively for the web as part of their viral marketing campaign. Makes for a funny video, probably the best beer commercial ever, LOL.

Preview of Fox' The Cleveland Show

Here's a quick trailer/preview of the new animated cartoon The Cleveland Show from Fox. And the same guy with that difficult name who did the Family Guy.

Mister Raisintoast - Parry Gripp (Episode 1)

This looks like it could be the next big thing on the internet, except it doesn't have any cats in it so it might as well sink to the bottom of the web. So enjoy it while it's still hot! Also, there's a bunny somewhere.

Trivia on a Rollercoaster - Brainrush

This funny video is a promo for a Cartoon Network game show called BrainRush and that's nothing special except the guy is strapped on a rollercoaster and has to answer the questions. Also, the guy says OMG a lot, so LOL.

Hamster Runs Dog Agility Course

This is probably the most awesome, if not the only, video showing a little hamster running a tiny agility course. The obstacle course consists of 5 hurdles, a see-saw, an up-down weave, a hoop and a collapsed tunnel. Reminds me of the stuff I used to do with my virtual dog on the Nintedogs game, but he ran away after I didn't feed him for a couple of days.

Baby beaver loves geting tickled

See, all cute and fluffy animals love getting tickled. Here we have a cute baby beaver that is getting tickled and he loves it. Very cute! This video can cure hangovers!

A Cat That Loves Water

Usually cats hate water. Unlike this strange little fella who seems to thoroughly enjoy his bathtime. Very, very rare for a cat.

Brett Michaels Almost Beheaded At The Tonys

Poison singer Bret Michaels gives the word headbanging a whole new meaning as he almost decapitates himself.

Here's an Associated Press news video about it:

Bret Michaels ran into some scenery at the Tony Awards. Host Neil Patrick Harris joked about the accident immediately following the opening number.

The Moon in High Definition Video

The Japanese Kaguya probe has been sending back amazing hi-def images of the surface of the moon. Here's a few of them.