Saturday, June 6, 2009

Advice from Senior Citizens (AutoTuned)

Funny music video in which some old people (or senior citizens, if you prefer) are give the autotune treatment. All of a sudden their moaning and advice doesn't seem so boring! Quite LOL!

When Harry Met Chewie

Awesome mashup of the famous deli scene from "When Harry Met Sally" with Sally uttering the sounds of Chewbacca, our favourite Wookie from the Star Wars films. How come nobody thought about this before? Very funny video!

All My Little Words - 8-bit version

Really cool chiptune cover of Magnetic Fields’ “All My Little Words” by Tom “hexachordal” Milsom. I think this is pretty awesome!

MC Hammer Pants Dance Flashmob

Awesome video of a dancemob in downtown LA. If you're old enough to remember MC Hammer and his strange dancing pants, then this video will make you LOL and ROFL. Possibly. In any case, this is a great example of a flashmob in a small space (in this case a hipster fashion store). Go Hammer!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cutest Kitten Meow Ever?

If this fluffy marvel of a kitten doesn't melt your heart, nothing ever will. Only a death-ray, as hot as the sun, might have a chance. Until then, watch in awe this super cute video of a Himalayan blue point kitten. Aw!

Playing A Clarinet Covered In Bees

This crazy man is professor Norman Gary and his unusually dangerous rendition of 'When The Saints Come Marching In'. Next up: juggling with chainsaws while wrestling bears.

Luigi Finally Snaps

Luigi won't take any sh*t from Mario anymore and finally snaps. It helps if you're quite familiar with all the Super Mario Bros games to truly appreciate this piece of video game humor.

Korean Police Knows How To Party

This funny video shows us some uniformed Korean people, maybe even police, who knows, dancing to the recent Korean mega hit "NOBODY" by the Wonder Girls. It looks pretty cool. Dance, Korean uniformed people, dance!

Colbert: We Have a Death Star!

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
We Have a Death Star!
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A funny segment from the Colbert Report in which we see final proof that America now has its own Death Star laser! Awesome!

White-boy raps about his local cable access station

This is pretty embarassing (for the guy) but very entertaining (for us). So LOLs are a natural reaction to this video.

Superhero Fashion Emergency

Instead of tights, how about... jeans? Or literally anything else. Funny video cartoon thing showing you how superheroes always seem to make the wrong choices for their costumes.

Patrick Duffy & The Crab Discuss a Threesome

WTF? In any case, this is how pretty much any discussion in my house goes. Talking casually about Grey's Anatomy and all of a sudden it takes a wrong turn and the discussion gets awkward.

Scribblenauts - God vs The Kraken

Footage of some of the secret characters that have been put into the videogame. Lots of internet memes are there, too.

Albino Turtle

Look, a picture of an albino turtle. And it doesn't even look like a turtle. Looks... just ... wrong.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mythbusters - Thermite vs Ice

Most awesome video from the Mythbusters showing you the exciting cool things that happen when you let thermite fight it out with ice. So cool! The awesomeness of this video will blow you away! 100% fact!

Awesome Japanese Waterslide Trick

Oh wow, this is one neat trick this Japanese dude pulls off! Pretty awesome, which makes this officialy a cool video to watch!

The Muppets take "Manhattan"

Another great mash-up with muppets, this time it's Woody Allen's "Manhattan" that get the muppets treatment. I am amazed how well all the muppet mashups work, someone really REALLY should do a TV show with muppets redoing famous movies. Seriously. And yes, this is the same scene as in the Reservoir Dogs mash up.

Crazy Goat

A crazy video of a crazy goat. Reminds me of my sister. Don't ask why.


This guy must have some incredible balancing skills. I was sorta hoping for a faceplant or something, but I'll settle for a demonstration of skill.

Fisherman vs Karma

Here's a funny video of a fisherman trying to push his dog into the water. Karma, just like Superman, saves the day!

Longest Tongue Ever?

Oh. Look at this guy with his very long tongue. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Nevermind.

US Pole Dance Championship 2009

I am only posting this because it is my obligation as a reliable news source for all you people out there. Not because there's sexy women doing crazy stuff on a pole. Pole Dancing itself is a serious sport that needs more recognition.

Big Man Japan Fight 4

WTF is this? Well, it's one of the awesome yet bizarre fight scenes from the movie "Big Man Japan" which hasn't gotten too much coverage in the western world but it's definitely worth checking out. It's a black comedy, a spoof of the Japanese giant superhero genre.

She Farted And Created The World

cool animation about a dog who farts and creates a world... and follows a sort-of evolution cycle within it. Quite a brilliant stort about life and how it evolves and how it ends. And then it all starts over again.

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

America's Best Christian takes time to explain to less informed Christians the curious details of the Lord's concept of marriage.

Tree fally on a House

Haha, I don't need to say anyting about this video, the title pretty much takes care of everything you need to know... just relax, watch and enjoy! LOL!

TV Presenter Epic Fail

Czech TV presenter Jan Kraus falls into a hole during the Miss 2009 competition live on TV. Let's all LOL!

The Truth about Lucky the Cat

Remember the cat tha fell 26 stories and survived? According to this spoof documentary it was all faked! Of course! What is the media hiding about Lucky? A congressional committee needs to look into this! Exclamation marks!!!

Women's Handball Fight

Now here's a great brawl taken from a news report. The video shows Russian women's handball championship finale and it looks like they are not happy with the ref's decision. Oh noes!

Adam Lambert has a Baby Fan

Just look at this baby going crazy over Adam Lambert and demanding (in baby speak) to see the videos on the iPhone. Kinda cute if you have a hangover. No, not me.

Hardcore Tetris Orgy - Uncensored!

How very awesome! Now that Tetris celebrates its 20th or 40th or whatever anniversary, we finally get to see what those bricks are up to in their free time. Watching porn! Yes, that is exactly what they do as this funny stop motion animation shows! This will give you big LOLs.

Self-Sustainable Chair

Now here's something that looks pretty stupid but will make your life so much better and more comfortable. Also, people will gibe you admiring looks and envy you for your... erm.. your... well... it's inflatable!

Youtube says:
Self-Sustainable Chair, a dress made out of polyethylene, connected to shoes that pump air into an inflatable bubble attached to its rear part on each step. The dress slowly transforms into a chair with each step and holds the person to sit on it naturally. With his or her body weight the chair is slowly deflated and forms back to the original flat dress. Self-Sustainable chair is a conceptual garment that motivates users to consistently switch between walking and sitting as a loop behavior on the street. The balance between exercise and rest would be maintained by wearing this suit. The purpose of this project is to transform the humdrum experiences produced by routine walking commutes into an amusing interactive performance.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This funny video shows you the new toy to have this summer, forget about waterguns or even the supersoaker, the Plasma Blaster 3000 is the new hot toy! Awesome!

Very Lucky Snowboarder

This snowboarder has a lot of luck. He almost jumps into one of those giant groomers. Misses it by an inch. Or two.

ET & Me

Funny animation/cartoon showing what it would look like if ET had stayed with Elliot. Like 10 years later. This made me chuckle, also ET is a douche.

The Most Light Skinned Black Dude In The World - Erik Weiner

Funny hip hop or rap or whatever video about a white guys singing how he is the most light skinned black guy around. Yeah, I know, but stick with it because it is actually a very catchy tune.

Machu Picchu Post

Sweet animation (cgi, not the old skool paper and pen kind) about the mail delivery service in the Andes region. Cute, funny and very entertaining. This was directed by Clement Crocq, Nicolas Novali and Margaux Durand-Rival, students from Supinfocom Arles 2008.

Slow Motion Karate Chop

Awesome cool slow motion video of a karate chop shot with 4000 frames per second. Look at the almost unreal deformation of the hand before the brick is smashed in half. Ouch, yowzers, etc. And a big WTF followed by an OH NOES! OMG, did I mention OMG?

Drunk guy on the street

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a video of me on my way to university. It is a video of me on my way home from university. Or it might be some old drunk guy in some other country. Let's just say I know how he feels.

Making Popcorn with a Fire-Eater

Here's a cool video showing how a fire-eater makes his pocorn. Obviously he doesn't need a microwave but needs to work on the delivery. I mean, eating from a plate rather than the floor surely isn't too much to ask for. Otherwise: cool!

Microsoft Bing TV Commercial

Here's the fresh Microsoft TV ad for BING, the new search engine. Looks cool, and the search engine itself isn't as bad as I thought. Well, I only searched for LOL Factory and it found it. So yeah, I'm no expert, but that made me all glow inside. Either that, or the antifreeze I had as a little pre-work schnaps.

Fat Cat In A Little Shirt

Another day, another cat video. Today we present a video of a fat cat in a rather tight shirt. Of course you will watch it, it's a video of a cat! On the internet!

Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

Another cool stop motion animation, this one here is a wedding invitation. Looks very pretty, but for my liking it's just a tad too long. Very cool though.

Slap Prank

This slap prank didn't go as expected. However, you as the audience will still be amused and either go "haha", "ouch" or maybe even "oh noes". I'll go with LOL. That always works best for me.

Choices - Awesome Animation

CHOICES from :weareom: on Vimeo.

This pretty cardboard cutout animation is called Choices and was created for United Way Romania. The film, by director Anton Groves and commissioned by ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi, was a selection for the 2009 Cannes Lion festival. What else to say? Not much other than awesome and cool video. Yes.

Improv Everywhere: Surprise Wedding Reception

Funny new video from Improv Everywhere, here they surprise two strangers getting married with a weddign reception like no other, including cake, gifts and all that cool stuff! Very funny and entertaining! If I ever get married the only thing I need is a cake. And a wife.

The Boyfriend Experience - Trailer

Funny spoof, or parody if you prefer, of Steven Soderbergh's new film "The Girlfriend Experience". Pretty LOL ahead!

Han Solo, P.I.

Anyone remember the old TV show Magnum with Tom Selleck? Well, this is the Star Wars'd version of the famous intro to the show starring none other than Kessel run record holder Han Solo (and pal Chewbacca, of course). Very good video!

Reservoir Dogs Take Manhattan

This is the famous tipping scene from Reservoir Dogs redone with Muppets. I just wish Tarantino would do a full 120 minutes movie with muppets. There's so many mash-up trailers showing that it works quite well, so surely this concept must also work in a full movie. Just hand out free beer at the screenings and people will enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ant on a Turntable

Here's a sweet video of a little ant running around on a vinyl record that's playing on a turntable. The song playing is Little Richard's "Good Golly Miss Molly". In case you wanted to know that.

Aliens vs. Predator - Predator reveal E3 trailer

Wow! And OMG! Plus, a little WTF. This is the new and most awesome E3 trailer for the Aliens vs Predator videogame by Sega. You know, the people who brought us Sonic the hedgehog. Now they bring us this. Oh joy!

Youtube says:
Aliens vs Predator is an entirely new title for PC and high-definition consoles from acclaimed British developer Rebellion, the team behind the 1999 original PC gaming classic.

Bringing the most intense war between two of science-fictions most popular characters FPS fans, AvP delivers three outstanding single player campaigns and provides untold hours of unique 3-way multiplayer gaming.

Experience distinctly new and thrilling first person gameplay as you survive, hunt and prey in the deadly jungles and swamps surrounding the damned colony of Freyas Prospect.

Alligator vs Watermelon

Throwing a watermelon into the jaws of an alligator sounds like a pretty good idea to me, especially when drunk. Remind me next time I'm at the zoo boozing and teasing the bears to bring melons. And fight a bear. That's still on my list.

Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending


Awesome music video of French Group Birdy Nam Nam for their track "The Parachute Ending". The cool animation is very sci-fi and WTF and reminds me of those 70s Moebius comics my brother had. It might have been the 80s, who knows. Very cool video with great visuals!

T-Mobile Sing-along in 360 Degrees


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Oh how awesome! A couple of weeks ago I featured the T-Mobile sing-along in London's Trafalgar Square (as well as the funny outtake). Here's something even cooler than those two videos combined, a 360 degree interactive video thing with the crowd singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler.

Left 4 Dead 2 Teaser

Another quick video from E3, this is the new teaser trailer for Left 4 Dead. I really don't play that many videogames, but the trailers sure do look pretty. And this one is full of blood and gore. And zombies. Someone get me an Xbox 360 or something. I only have an old and rusty PC. I waste all my money on booze. True fact.

Star Wars Old Republic E3 2009 Cinematic Trailer

Under the command of Lord Angral, the Sith fleet approaches the Republics capital planet for the first time in centuries. In advance of the fleet, the strongest Sith Warriors have flown a stolen Republic ship into Coruscants orbit. Their mission is critical to destroy the planets defense grid mainframe hidden in the heart of the Jedi Temple

Yeah, whatever. Still the game looks impressive and pretty cool although I am not much of a MMO gamer. I prefer a game of cards, or sometimes minesweeper.

Viva La Vida is Every Song

Save some money on iTunes and instead of buying 20 million songs, just buy one song by Coldplay. All these songs are in this one:
1. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
2. The Killers - When You Were Young
3. Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
4. Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
5. Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
6. Muse - Starlight
7. Hellogoodbye - All Of Your Love

I don't know half of them which tells you something about how old and out of touch I am.

Twitter Skateboarding

Take one skateboard, a wireless keyboard, hook it up to twitter and take your new toy out for spin. At least that's what the peopel in this video did. Technology is a joy for all the generations. Especially when you crash twitter with it!

Blood Labyrinth

Cool mash-up of Blood Diamond and Labyrinth. Tis works suprisingly well and I wonder if Jim Henson really could have pulled off something like this. Why not, Dark Crystal was pretty awesome and this would have been the next logical step. Kinda.

squashed thingy - Swede Mason

Here's another great music TV mash-up by Swde Mason. This time he takes on Disney's Art Attack. just watch and enjoy, this is awesome!

Tales Of Monkey Island Trailer

How awesome is this? Looks like Monkey Island is back! This is the trailer for "Tales of Monkey Island", a five-episode series on PC and WiiWare that takes Guybrush on an swashbuckling new adventure across the seven seas.

"Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!"

Sasquatch 2009 Dancing Man Party

If you build it, they will come. Building the dance party, that is. Bad grammar but cool video. Pretty awesome how this guy starts dancing all by himself and then one by one the crowd joins in. This is how you start a party!

Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions

Comedians Andy Samberg and Will Ferrell sing a song about how cool guys are too busy being cool to look at the stuff they just blew up. This is from the MTV Movie Awards.

Robot Dance Wars

This one minute video is pretty awesome! A robot from RL has a dance-off with a graffiti painting robot on a wall. Yes, this is a true story. Watch the video for total awesomeness!

Kitten In Laundry Basket

What you see here is not the new Roomba, it's a kitten in a laundry basket going bonkers. Ah, cute animals always make me LOL.

Cute Baby Rhino

Here's a cute video of a newborn baby rhino. It has crazy eyes. Too much coffee???

Kitten hides in a sofa

This cute little kitten is hiding in a sofa. Or is it a couch? And what's the difference? And does it even matter? Just look at the cute kitten, damn it!

‘New Moon’ Trailer Reaction Video

Well here's some fodder for the Twilight haters out there! The one thing I can say about this reaction video is that it's not as funny as the "2 girls 1 cup" reaction videos. Yeah. Also, with a running time of almost 10 minutes I fund this too long to obsess about something. Meh.

The Beatles Rock Band (Trailer)

Cool trailer for the upcoming videogame The Beatles Rock Band. Not that they're exploiting a successful franchise or anything. Not at all. What's next Keyboard Cat Rockband? Now that would be an idea.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alternative Britain's Got Talent

This whole Britain'S Got Talent thing is getting old by now, but this is one more video you need to see. This is exactly how those little kids on the show should get treated. This is from the Jimmy Kimmel Show. But you knew that, didn't you?

The First DJ Battle In The World

... featuring some Russians in black and white. How much more awesome can video mash ups get? Not much, that's what I say.

Rip It Up, Keyboard Cat (Drum and Bass Version)

Keyboard Cat goes Drum and Bass, or Grime or whatever it is the kids listen to these days. Someone enlighten me. Oh, this is one of the awesomest Keyboard Cat videos on the internet. Oh yes!

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Puppet Commercial- The Famous Kobe Car Jump

The infamous Kobe stunt redone with puppets. Has a little twist that gave me a chuckle.

Eminem - 3AM (Travis Barker Remix)

To make up for all the Eminem fans out there with the Bruno/Sacha Baron Cohen video here's the Travis Barker Remix of 3AM. Happy now?

The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

This, my dear readers, is how the world really works. At least this is how the big boys play. Doing business is like a box of chocolates. You want them all but after a couple you feel sick and throw up. Then you pull allnighters, do coke and divorce your wife. What was my point again?

Footlocker - "It's A Sneaker Thing"

Funny commercial from Foot Locker. Yes, this is predictable, but the LOLs make up for it. If that makes sense. LOL? Yes!

Bruno And Eminem Get Intimate - MTV Movie Awards

Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno aka Borat aka Ali G pulls an awesome prank on Eminem. Enimen leaves the award show afterwards. Probably didn't like the smell of Bruno's crotch. LOL!!!

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

Funny video with a dramatic re-interpretation of the Bonnie Tylor. Pretty funny, you should watch this and your day will brighten up. Unless someone broke up with you recently. Then you'll cry.

Lady GaGa - Paparazzi (Full Official Video) HQ

Okay, the music may not be the best of the best... but this video still looks pretty interesting. So here's the Lady GaGa Paparazzi video. I'm sure you can find it in your heart to find something interesting about it. Muting the thing helps, btw.

Toy Story 3 - Teaser

Here's the cool teaser trailer for Toy Story 3. I thought the first part was ok and that the second sucked. So we'll see how this plays out. "Plays out"? What does that mean? I'll do it live!F*ck it!


Well, this trailer is pretty much unavoidable on the Internet, so I might as well post it. Twilight fans sure will be excited to see this!

Beardyman lets his random side out! - Rowntree ad

Beardyman lets his random side out!
Let you random side out™ with ROWNTREE’S RANDOMS®.
Visit us at

Working Like a Machine?

Must be time to have a break and have a Kit Kat!