Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christian Bale - Pac Man Cereal TV Commercial 1983

Oh look, it's Batman Christian Bale as a little kid in 1983 in a commercial for Pac Man cereal. Oh so yummy!
THINK FOR ONE F*CKING SECOND! WHAT DON'T YOU F*CKING UNDERSTAND?, I bet he couldn't pull that off as a kid...

Adam Lambert - Mad World (Live At Regis & Kelly Show)

Adam Lambert, almost-winner of American Idol 2009, performs the song Mad World on Regis and Kelly. Nice song, but not my favourite version.

In My Prius - Casual Mafia

Funny comedy song (well, sorta hip hop thing) by The Casual Mafia about the coolness (ahem) oh a Prius. Well, it was about time someone did a song for this type of car, LOL!

Funny dog and open webcam

Funny video with a great twist! How could I have missed this video for more than six months? Watch this! Behold the LOLs and ROFLs.
Youtube says:
Harmless accident with dog and cigarettes, Smoking is dangerous.

MVPs Kobe & LeBron (Unstoppable Game Tape)

Here's the puppet versions of LeBron and Kobe talking about the unstoppableness of the unstoppable and unknowable unknown. Or something like that. I giggled like a little girl.

The Onion: Manslaughter Law Loopholes

Political Talk Show Host Suddenly Very Interested In Manslaughter Law Loopholes
Host becomes curiously pushy, sweaty in this roundtable discussion about loopholes in manslaughter law in the US.

Idiot thief uses beer carton as a mask

Crazy News: A bandit in Nebraska throws a beer carton over his head, using it as a disguise as he tries to rob a convenience store.

Monster Hunter

Are you ready to be part of the social gaming phenomenon that’s gripping Japan?

The Monster Hunter world is always changing and you will need to be ready for anything - but killing and trapping monsters will always be most important part of your duty.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the biggest game of the series so far, letting you adventure with up to three friends through over 500 hours of gameplay. In MHFU you can battle previously unseen monsters in new environments, not to mention the many new weapons and armour sets available.

From devising the strategy to executing the attack, team play with your friends is going to be key to hunting down the ferocious beasts. MHFU rewards considered tactics and well-executed combat sequences so plan and work together and you will prosper.

You should always welcome new hunters so you can learn from each other’s experiences and grow together into masters. In MHFU you can even form your own guilds with your most respected hunting partners in order to seek glory in the Monster Hunter world.

You can now employ a fully customisable AI Felyne partner to join you on quests. These Felyne helpers will help you in battle and gather extra resources for you too. PSP owners can even share their companions with other players through ‘Felyne casting’ and it’s a simple as transferring the data while your PSP is in sleep mode.

There are more PSP advantages too. You can decrease your loading times by running the game from a Memory Stick and the UMD at the same time (requires at least 580MB). And most importantly for you seasoned hunters you can transfer saved game data from MHF2

Hunters take note; even though MHFU comes packed with new quests, weapons and more, other new content will also be added after release via download.

Speak with a British Accent

One word: Fail! The lady in this video shows you how to speak with a British accent. It does sound, however, a bit crap. Kinda like this: The dorg was lost in the forg. Just watch!

Earth Song Parody (On a £5 budget)

Funny song parody music video (look mum, all the keywords!) of Michael Jackson's Earth Song done with a limited budget of £5. Wait for it, the good bit comes towards the end. And it will make you LOL!

Wolverine (Deadpool) vs Watchmen (Marvel vs DC)

From the same guy who did the Wolverine vs Rorschach Video comes the next installment with Deadpool vs... well, everyone out there.

Youtube says:
Fresh off of his debut in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Deadpool compares notes with the other superheroes who had a movie this year... The Watchmen. (Mac/PC Marvel/DC Review/Parody)

Modern Warfare 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer (Official HD)

Cool trailer for Modern Warfare 2. This would even make Michael Bay envious, that's how awesome this trailer looks!! YES!

Youtube says:
Official uncut and extended Modern Warfare 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer. Acclaimed developer Infinity Ward brings you Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the best-selling shooter of all-time, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Watch in HD!

Kiss Makeup Commercial

Cool olkskool commercial from the 70s for make up. As used by the guys in Kiss. Guess what, you'd only wear this once (if you're a boy) because you'd get beaten up. Instantly. By everyone. Everywhere. All the time. Still, LOL.

The Fresh Prince of Doukutsu

Cool mash-up of the theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the old game Cave Story. Blends quite well together, me thinks.

Surfing the Internet with a Modem from 1964

This is something for all the tech geeks out there. This guy uses an old 1964 Livermore Data Systems "Model A" Acoustic Coupler Modem.


Take a trip back in time to the late 90s and witness the strenght of street knowledge. If street knowledge is code for crap computer commercials spoofing crap pop songs (in this case "Scat Man"). So there.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Owl Tennis

Just when you think "I've seen it all" comes this video along and smacks you right in the face. What we have here are two owls (o rly?) playing tennis (ya rly!). 100% fact!

Green Lantern Trailer

Although this is a fan made trailer, this is one of the coolest things I've seen all week. And it's almost Thursday! I can only imagine what kind of work must have gone into doing this more than awesome trailer and everyone should just get up from their seats and give this guy a round of applause.

The Weirdest Animal Ever. Ever!

To get this out of the way, this animal is a Pygmy Jerboa. A rodent. And he looks like a cute, adorable, little thing. Aww! Like a really small mouse with the cutesy hands. Lovely!

Mr. T Sings Take Me Out To The Ball Game At Wrigley Field

Mr T singing in Chicago. Not in a musical, but on a baseball field. He is not a very good singer but I bet nobody dares to tell him about it.

Keyboard Gato

Look, the Keyboard Cat Meme has gone Mexican! Keyboard Gato played off by Keyboard Cat. OMG, my head is going to explode.

Spiderman PWND by Girl

or pigeons, rather. This video is all over the internet, except this place. Looks like the spidersenses is not working like it should be.


Everyone knows that cats just LOVE water. So of course someone invented a cat washing machine. Because cats LOVE water so much!

Dog Working Out

This fitness crazy workout dog is happily doing the exercise routine with his master. Another funny video from Japan. See, it's not always videos with cars jumping in and out of boxes that make it onto this site.

SkateBang - Skateboard Video

Oh, another skateboard video, I hear you say. This gets interesting about one minute in, and don't mind the Madonna 80s tune insert. Without spoiling anything... this has something to do with skateboarding accidents - with hilarious consequences. ROFLes et LOLs, how the french say. Just before you want to say "WTF is this crap" you will enjoy this. Really.

I Pulled Over a Cop

This is being shown on CNN atm, but they bleep out stuff. So this might be NSFW if your boss has ears. Does he have ears and even use them on a regular basis? Don't watch this with him around then. Everyone else, go ahead. This crazy video is showing a guy who catches a cop speeding, follows him and makes him stop and admit he was wrong. And he doesn't get shot in the face for it. Brave or crazy? You decide. Oh, and it's a rather long video, too.

Cannibal Baby

This baby is not a zombie. I think. But it sure acts like one, trying to take a bite out of mummy. Well, that's what you get for not feeding it properly, like 25 times a day. Babies eat a lot, you know. And they prefer raw meat. 100% fact! This is almost cute.

Cute Video: Baby elephant takes first steps

Cute video of a newly-born Asian elephant who has yet to be named. It was allowed to take her first walk outdoors on Wednesday in the Moscow Zoo, chaperoned by her mother and another female elephant friend. Hooray for baby elephants!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wrapper's Delight feat. Goldie, Andi Peters, Melinda Messenger, Johnny Vaughan, Lisa Snowden

Nando's internal video to promote their new chicken wraps to staff.

Featuring: Goldie, Andi Peters, Melinda Messenger, Johnny Vaughan, Lisa Snowden, Chris Fountain (Hollyoaks), Andy Collins, Kyran Bracken, Chris Parker (Eastenders) & staff at Nando's, Covent Garden store & head office.

Cheese Rolling Contest Video

Here's some crazy video footage from this year's Cheese Rolling Event in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, in the British Countryside. Dozens of daredevils took part in an annual cheese rolling contest. Runners chased a giant cheese down a steep hill. Some racers were carried off in stretchers. LOL, of course.

Here's a Reuters news video report:

Cheese chasers roll again
Thousands of people gather near Gloucester in England to watch the peculiar madness of an annual cheese rolling competition.

The Onion: Nation's Girlfriends Unveil New Economic Plan: 'Let's Move In Together'

Funny new spoof news from The Onion News Network:
Girlfriends' spokesperson Kelly Ambrose joins us in the Financial Fallout Shelter to discuss why Boyfriends moving in with them just makes fiscal sense right now.

Susan Boyle Sings “Memory”

Oh well, what a surprise! Susan Boyle is the first contestant to make it through to the finals of Britain's Got More Talent. In this video she sings "Memory" from the musical Cats.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Drifters Of The Deep

Stuff that swims in our oceans. "The most amazing creatures nature has ever created, drifting in our oceans. From the Monterey Bay Aquarium" is what it says in the video description but this looks more like aliens checking out or planet and plotting for an invasion and looking for a handy spot for their underwater base.
Nuke 'em! Let's nuke the bastards!

The Can Man

WTF video f the day. Probably. A guy dressed in cans. Or tins. You chose. If I never finish my degree it's nice to see that I still have some decent career options after university.

BABY DISCIPLINE with Gacin McInnes

Funny video in which we see Gavin takeing on educating your baby.

One Line on the Sopranos - Erik Weiner

Funny music video (dare we call it comedy?) by this guy Erik Weiner who once had a single line in an episode of The Sopranos.

Spaceshuttle from liftoff to splashdown

Here's something for the space geeks and rocket lovers. Rocket lover actually sounds kinda wrong. This video is about the shuttle Atlantis liftoff - from the "point of view" cameras mounted on the solid rocket boosters (a bit repetitive seeing one camera after the other, but the separation and splashdown parts are amazing.)


A trumpet player and a beatoxer cover the song Come Together by The Beatles. Works suprisingly well, almost calling it awesome.

Parrot Massages Cat's Head

The youtube description says "Coco the parrot massages Lucky's head and face. Both are curious about one another" Geez, I hope their "curiosity" ends right there.

Very Smooth - Wacky Japanese Commercial

This is a crazy Japanese commercial for a hair removal product. Of course, this is why it features a nice looking female in a bikini bowling. What better way to sell your product?

Ping Pong Cats

A cool animal video of cats playing table tennis. Very awesome. It may be fake, hard to spot with half a bottle of scotch clouding my judgement. CATS!

Best Commercial Ever? Do You Want a WHAT?!

This is a commercial for a washing-up liqud. With an unbeatable punch line that will have men storming the supermarkets buying this. I am on my way right now, too!

Internet afraid of Print

Oh look, here's something semi-controversial for this website full of funny videos: A commercial for a newspaper in which there is a role reversal of print and internet. In a fictious past the internet is threatened by this new thing called print. See how controversial this is? Ahahaha. Not. (Yes, I am boozing again. What do you expect on the Memorial Day holiday?)

Here's the credits for it, if this sort of thing makes you happy:
Agency: hasan & partners, Finland
Creative Director: Eka Ruola
Art Director: Mikael Nemeschansky
Copywriter: Anssi Jдrvinen

Production Company: Hobbyfilm, Sweden
Director: Magnus Renfors
Producer: Christian Rehnfors
DP: Kjell Lagerroos
Set Designer: Wilda Wiholm
Stylist: Anna Grenеs
Post-Production: Stopp
VfX Supervisor: Johan Boije
Sound Designer: Edward Bjцrner @ Stopp
Music Supervisor: Macke Bergqvist @ Music Super Circus
Composer: David Engellau

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself

I have absolutely no idea what this cgi animation is supposed to be. Maybe it's from a video game, maybe a music video. No idea, really. But that's not important, because you don'T need to know what it's about to say WTF?
Beware of this video if you don't like blood, gore and video game violence. Seriously.

Whiplash by Metallica performed by a LEGO band

Wow, this must have taken ages to complete, the whole Whiplash song by Metallica redone with little LEGO people in stop motion animation, how very awesome!

Linus from The Peanuts sings The Police

Adorable Linus of Peanuts fame sings a song by The Police "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic". Cool music video!

BEST OF KENNY POWERS (Eastbound and Down)

Funny video collection of some of the highlight of Kenny Powers from the HBO comedy show Eastbound and Down. The show is awesome, and so is this video. Oh, and LOL!

Run for Your Life - Art Show FPS

Oh hai! Boom, headshot! Or in this case, how about not shooting and admiring the pretty art images on the wall instead? Kinda like Wolfenstein 3D, but with art. And blood and gore, of course.

Youtube description:
"Run for Your Life" art show video game presentation by DarkVomit. Art Show/Video Game is a FREE download at - artwork in video game done by Kelly Hutchison. ( with a few collaborations by artists David Russell Talbott and Bret Barrett ) Video Game design by Kelly Hutchison ( Dark Vomit ). Featuring the Dark Vomit portfolio. 1998-2009. Collection Oil Paintings. Music by Girls Under Glass.