Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adobe CS4: Le Sens Propre

This is a very cool video, a commercial (more like a short film) for Adobe CS4. Photoshop and stuff. Some people will find this amazing while other will be bored and demand their 5 minutes back. I thought it was cool. Yup.

Sandwich Song

Funny animation in this music video for ParryGripp. Sorta like the total opposite to the Quiznos sandwich ad we had here the other day. This is lovely!

Kevin Spacey does some impersonations

This is a clip from Inside The Actors Studio with Kevin Spacey doing some pretty accurate impersonations, like Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Christopher Walken, Clint Eastwood, Jack Lemmon and others.

Perfect Day - impressions

hahaha, this video gave me big LOLs and had me ROFL all night. Not really, but this is a very funny spoof of an old BBC advert where a lot of celebs sing Perfect Day. This is the better version though. Lovely!

Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes

WTF? This is a real commercial for what probably must be the cleanest rap music ever, with nursery rhymes in hip hop form.

Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition

This is a promo for the upcoming ABC one-hour special UN-BROKE: What You Need to Know About Money". So it's a show about money and stuff, but this funny video takes a look ar Seth Green's crib. Actually, it's not that funny. Too many numbers and not enough LOLs,but that's just me.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Paper Towels are Awesome

This is a very funny spoof infomercial for paper towels. A funny parody of the ShamWow thing, just with more awesomeness and plenty of LOLs.

Man vs. Wild with Will Ferrell

In the harsh arctic tundra of Sweden, Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell from the Land of the Lost set out to conquer the wilderness ... together. See if they make it out alive.

Magic Show Volunteer - 5 second films

The concept of telling a funny story in 5 seconds or less is pretty cool, and this video does not disappoint. It made me LOL so hard that I almost spilled my boozy booze booze all over my shirt. Which is a lie, I am not wearing a shirt.

State Farm Commercial " I'll Be There "

This State Farm Commercial aired during the American Idol finale. It features I'll Be There' by The Jackson 5 and is pretty touching for a commercial. But that's exactly how the cokeheads in the advertising agency want us to feel. Bastards!

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat: True Hollywood Story

The E! True Hollywood Story of the famous Internet meme known as "Keyboard Cat". What can I say, it's a heartbreaking story that will make you smile and even LOL.

Manoi the Breakdancing Robot

You heard right! This is another awesome invention by some clever scientists in Japan: a breakdancing robot. Of course this is just step 1. In step 2 he will be shooting lasers from his eyes and wreaking havoc in downtown Tokyo.

Baby anteater stars in Japan

OMG! The cutest video ever? Probably not, because this is not a cat. It's an anteater - a very cute one. Kuddly-wuddly anteater! aww!
News video from Reuters:
A newborn anteater debuts to the press in Tokyo before its official premier to the public next month.

Wedding Lipdub

I guess the best reason to get married these days is so you can hire acompany that makes a cool libdub video of your ceremony and party. Like this one. Oddly enough, I think this is pretty well done and funny. Seriously. I want to get married now! Anyone?

The Real Housewives of NYC Reunion (animation)

Funny animation making fun of that utterly terrible NYC housewifes tv show. This cartoon is much better than the real thing. I say.

Tom Lennon and Paul Rudd for Best Kiss

Funny video by top comedian Tom Lennon who tries really hard to convince us to vote for him and Paul Rudd in the Best Kiss category at the MTV Movie Awards. LOL and stuff. Really!

Cat catching

Here's a cool cat video: This awesome cat catches stuff with its paws. Good job, cat!

Hamster Can't Eat Pencil

Finally someone who shows those smug hamsters who's the boss. Eat away at those fancy carrots and nuts, but you will never take our pencils alive! Never!

Baby Won't Shut Up

Funny video of a baby that simply just doesn't want to quit talking. Or mumbling. Or whatever it is that babies do with their mouth. Very, very adorable. And I hate to admit this, uber-cute! aww!!!

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger - Watch more Funny Videos
Another children's choir, might even be the same as before. here they sing Eye Of The Tiger, made famous as the title song for Rocky III by Survivor. Fear my pop knowledge and enjoy this pretty awesome rendition. You know, kids aren't all little bastards.

Café Serré - Animation by Denis Bouyer

Funny animation about a typical small town cop minding his own business. Short and sweet, like coffee and donuts!

NHL Eliminates Sticks, Expands Goal Zone To Encourage More Touchdowns Hockey officials hope to attract fans and create a higher-scoring, fast-paced

The Onion Sports Network:
Hockey officials hope to attract fans and create a higher-scoring, fast-paced game with a new aerodynamic puck and artificial turf instead of ice.

Pilots with skills

Apparently the pilots in this cool video are not drunk, but are showing the most excellent flying/piloting skills. Yeah, that's what I'D say if they caught me with a bottle of red behinf the wheel of a plane. They don't have a wheel, do they?

The Surrogates Trailer (HD)

Pretty cool trailer for the news Bruce Willis flick Surrogates, also starring Radha Mitchell and coming to theatres in September. If I had a surrogate, it would spend all days surfing the internet for funny and cool videos while I'd be sleeping or eating a sandwich.

The Brady Bunch - Notorious B.R.A.D.Y.

Little Greg of the Brady Bunch goes gangsta and discovers where Brooklyn at. Notorious B.I.G. cameos in this rare Brady Bunch classic! This is how the show should have been. Instantly awesome!

Awesome netbook comes to life. Hologram? Claymation?

Nooo, it's the new Samsung viral video! Ha, this is pretty cool, I like this better than the sheep with the lightbulbs running around.
Pretty funny video, and the claymation makes this, imho, especially lovely.

"Eminem, Where Have You Been?" Trailer

Trailer for Eminem's new short film. So Eminem is doing a comeback thing. Exciting! Not. This short trailer made me LOL though. I can rhyme like that!

V - ABC Promo Trailers


Oh look at that! The promo trailer for the new ABC show V have arrived, and I am just a little late posting them. Because I was ill all day yesterday. With the flu. Or a hangover. Anyways, I remember watching the original series when I was little and it was like the best sci-fi ever. Years later it was still ok, but not great. However, the trailers for the new version look pretty awesome (remind me a little of Independence Day, especially the beginning), and the leader of the aliens/visitors is that hot chick from Firefly. Oh yeah!

Beyonce - Ego (Official Music Video)

So yeah, this is the new video of Beyonce. She's pretty hot, the song isn't. What can you do?

Landslide by the PS22 Chorus

Here's something that might even melt my cold heart. Might. A choir of school children singing Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. Stevie Nicks was, of course, much better than a bunch of kids, but this still makes a lovely video for a Friday afternoon. Can you tell that I hit the booze already?

Slam-a-Celeb with Doritos Dodgeball Challenge

Check out our celebs getting whacked with real dodgeballs

The Doritos Dodgeball Challenge is our way of launching our brand new flavour – Flamin’ Cheeseball. Using specially designed dodgeball cannons thousands of people have already fired real dodgeballs at celebrity guests and our dodgeball teams. We've already had Jodie Marsh, Timmy Mallet, Nikki Grahame and Kenzie from Blazin Squad in our dodgeball cage – so visit now and who knows who you might get to slam.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eugene The Librarian - Britains Got More Talent

This Eugene. He is a librarian. He wants to share his passion of poetry with the judges. He goes trough to the next round. W-T-F ?

Little Kid tries Hot Sauce

Funny video of this kid trying hot sauce. Probably for the first and very last time in his life. Ever. What makes this especially funny, apart from the boy's silly face, is the music playing in the background and the laughing parents that make his misery none the better. Aww, parenting can be such a joy!

Charlie the 'Spider cat'

With cats running the internet, you'd expect a video like this to hit the web sooner or later. Move over Peter Parker, here comes Spider Cat!!!

Nerd Ninja Training

I am not sure if it's ok to laugh at this guy, after all he is giving his best and trying to be the hardest ninja on the block. This awesome video is one inch away from a FAIL.

Lego Pirate Theater

Oh, how very cool! A fully automated and even motorized theater inspired by the recent LEGO Pirates theme. Someone should get me this right NOW!

Ellen DeGeneres Commencement Speech at Tulane University

Funny comedian and host of her own TV show Ellen DeGeneres gives a speech at some university. Well, it's partly funny. And sometimes not. Meh.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones in Best Villain

Andy Samber is back with another great and funny promo for the MTV Movie Awards, this time his For Your Consideration tape is in the Best Villain category. And what a villain he is. The best. Featuring Rashida Jones and a basket full of puppies.

History of Weed

Great trailer for the upcoming new season of WEEDS. Nice graphics, little text, just how I like it. It's about the history of weed, see?
Youtube descripshun:
From 2727 B.C. to the present, Weeds presents a brief history of cannabis. New episodes Monday at 10PM ET/PT beginning June 8th only on Showtime.

2 Girls 1 Sub

Oh dear. The sandwich chain Quiznos has apparently been inspired by the shock internet sensation "2 Girls 1 Cup" for their latest commercial. WTF? Seriously? Porn of the most disgusting type as inspiration for your new commercial campaign. For food? Eh, why the hell not. This makes me hungry - sum1 get me a sandwich.

Morning Dog

This is how I look and feel every morning. What this dog needs is a cup of strong coffee, a pack of cigarettes and some cocaine. I just need a coffee, thank you very much.

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds: Behind the Scenes of The Proposal

Funny "behind the scenes" bit for upcoming movie The Proposal with a special appearance by Betty White (of Golden Girls fame).

Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Official Trailer HD

This is thew new trailer for Sherlock Holmes. Not bad, but I really hope it doesn't turn into the suck fest that was Wild Wild West.

Cookie Monster vs Ragga Twins

Have some Sesame Street drum n bass. Cookie monster and Ernie mashed up with music from the Ragga Twins. Tres cool, as they say in France (probably).


Cool video of this guy named roman doing a speedpainting of Wolverine (the X-Men guy). Just so you know. Of course, this is pretty awesome.
Youtube description:
To call it speed is a joke because it took me ages and ages, as I am learning. It is quite different to paint digitally. It is speed only in the sense that it is speeded-up. Everyone calls these type of demos "speed painting". I was on the verge of buying photoshop, because every one uses it, but then I thought let's try this free software called Gimp. I know virtually nothing about painting software in general, but this seems OK to me. I hope you enjoy this. next up, something sci-fi or fantasy. Regards, Roman.

Chimpanzee rides Segway

Here's an oldie (in internet terms), but I couldn't resist posting it (probably posting it again). A video of a chimpanzee riding a Segway. Need I say more?

Awesome Beatboxer in Bristol

Amazing beatboxer Ben Dowden (AKA Dub FX) does his thing on the streets of Bristol. Very cool video. And awesome. And all the other cool words.

The Onion: Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire

The fire was ruled an accident after a tedious review of thousands of digital photos documenting every second of the five hour party.

Who's Hungry? - Animated Short Film

Awesome animation in black and white that will make you sh*t your pants! Creeps, nightmarish and full of teh win. Not for little children.

David Lynch's Return of the Jedi

Great video showing what the Star Wars movie Return Of The Jedi would have looked like if David Lynch directed it... Another great mind f*ck. This is how you make a blockbuster... LOL.

Daft Punk’s Greatest Hits - Lounge Music Style

Awesome music video of a guy playing Daft Punk's greatest hits by ear on the piano. Here's the playlist:
Harder, Better Faster Stronger,
Da Funk(1:10)
Human After All(1:50)
Robot Rock(2:35)
One More Time(2:53)
Digital Love(4:41)
Television Rules the Nation(6:06)
Around the World(6:38)

Liverpool Cathedral Bells Play Lennon's Imagine

Oh look! Or better yet, listen! The bells of Liverpool Cathedral playing Imagine by John Lennon for some sort of art festival.

A team of seven volunteer bell ringers played the 1971 song, which begins “Imagine there’s no Heaven”, as part of an arts festival.

The cathedral said it had carefully considered the “sensitivities” surrounding the song’s lyrical content.

Lennon himself described the song as “anti-religious, anti-conventional”.

Ninja Squirrel Plays Dead

Funny video of two cute squirrels fighting. One of the mplays dead. Clever, that little one.

Lights Out: Galactic Milky Way Over Texas (timelapse)

Oh wow, this cool video made me feel pretty insignificant this morning. What we have here is a cool time lapse video of the night sky as it passes over the 2009 Texas Star Party in Fort Davis, Texas. The galactic core of Milky Way is brightly displayed. Images taken with 15mm fisheye lens.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tokyo Drift with Pixar's Cars

Funny parody from the people at PIXAR: This one stars the rusty old tow truck from the animated film in a parody of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

G I Joe Trailer re cut

Cool video re-cut of Toystory to match the audio track of GI Joe. Yeah, boring explanation, but the awesome video and editing make up for it. Cool stuff!

Basketball Trick Shots

Here's a cool video of awesome basketball trick shots. This is incredible, these guys must have shot hours and hours of videotape. And have no life. Whatsoever. True.

Dorm As Giant Display - Cool Animations

Just imagine how much work must have gotten into this. The results is 10 minutes of awesomeness. It was dome in Poland, and the youtube description is rather cryptic to me: "Świetlne show na ścianie akademika T16 we Wrocławiu cz1." So if anyone out there knows what it means.... post it in the comments!

Auto Tune The News #3

Another great episode of Auto Tune The News. The autotune software needs to be everywhere. Mandatory. FOr everything and all.


No kittens were harmed in the production of this video. I bet they had a lot of fun though. Kittens on the internet win every single time. This will soon turn up as a flash game, I bet.

Intel Star TV ad -- Sponsors of Tomorrow

Funny commercial for INTEL. In this TV ad we see that for Intel workers, the word "star" has a different meaning. Made me LOL becuase of all the nerds/geeks/stereotypical computer people freaking out. hehe.

Sleeping Baby Pigs React To Sounds

Funny video of a bunch of baby pigs (piglets) reacting with their ears to sounds. In their sleep. Can you say "aww"? Funny and cute. Awesome video for a Monday.

Meet the Spy

Cool video promoting the video game Team Fortress 2.

Youtube description:
Meet the Spy, one of nine playable character classes in Team Fortress 2. He is deadly—handsome, that is. But mostly deadly. He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! but it is too late. You're dead. For he is the Spy—globetrotting rogue, lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real).

Human Giant: Rollerblading

Funny comedy sketch from Human Giant. Rollerblading, what's the hardest part?

28 Weeks Later - Halo 3 Machinima

If you like machinima, then this is for you. This is basically the movie "28 Weeks Later" retold in Halo 3. That's right. And it'S only 45 minutes, so bring a comfortable seat. Very cool!

Last Day Dream

The whole existence in a few blinks of an eye. That’s Life.
This is awesome but it makes me sad. I have a case of the Mondays.

do bem - cool stop motion video

Very cool stop motion animation using breakfast items to simulate a MPC rhythm thingie. Very cool, don't you think? Full title is: do bem - Suco de Laranja 100% fruta (MPC de torradas)
Apparently, it's a commercial for fruit juice. And why the hell not?

The Clock Clock

This is the clock clock. Or is it a watch watch? In any case, this must be the most ridiculous way of telling the time. Probably some sort of art.