Friday, May 8, 2009

T-Mobile Sing-a-Long - Britney Moment

Here's a funny clip from the recent T-Mobile event in Trafalgar Square where people got together to sing some songs in a mass karaoke event with Pink. As you may know, people didn't just sing "Hey Jude" (you have seen the commercial on the LOL Factory, haven't you?), one of the other songs performed was "Hit me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears. And this is a funny outtake. Phew, it took a while to introduce this funny video. But as they say, "Life's for Sharing". Someone should pay me to write ad copy. Seriously. I',m also available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitzwas.

Adam Sandberg - The One Who Dared To Leave

Another funny promo video by Adam Sandberg, this year's host of the MTV movie awards. This time we get to see his "for your consideration" Oscar reel in the spoof movie "The One Who Dared To Leave". How many kinds of awesome is this?
Youtube Info:
Andy's hosting the 2009 MTV Movie Awards! This is one of the promos for BEST MALE PERFORMANCE. Featuring Eva Mendes.

Biden warns Swine Flu not over yet

Funny stuff from the people at Barely Political, anontehr one of their funny political Videos: Vice-President Joe Biden has dire warnings for Matt Lauer about the growing danger of Swine Flu. Oh yeah!

The Streets: He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu

This is by all means, NSFW. Unless you're a butcher. There is lots of blood and gore, but nevertheless this is one awesome track by Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, about swine flu. And with zombies. have I not mentioned this? Oh. There you go.

Youtube description:
Every scene in this video was painstakingly recreated using classic zombie footage as inspiration. We used the exact film stock and even transferred onto the relevant home viewing format before editing.

Barfing Rainbows

Veronica Belmont, co-host of Revision3’s tech-centric show, Tekzilla, and Qore on the PlayStation Network, as well as something something editor on Buzzfeed, is barfing rainbows as requested by someone on that internet thing the kids use all the time.

Michelle Obama on 'Sesame Street'

This is a PSA with first lady Michelle Obama on Sesame Street with that Elmo puppet. I don't like Elmo, he irritates me. This was taken from a short CNN news report sorta thing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Super Slow Motion of Surfer in Monster Barrel

Oh wow, just wow! This is a truly amazing, awesome and something-cool-in-surfer-speak video that you just have to watch! Filmed in HD super slow motion, this video shows big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel, the first shots of their kind ever recorded.

Shaq and Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Shaquille O'Neal loves them Krispy Kreme donuts. So do I. But I don't go on the internet to make a video and tell the world. He does, though. Awesome!

Wolverine (in 30 Seconds)

Pretty accurate and funny summary of the movie Wolverine: Origins that is in the cinemas now. Yes, that is the most detailed summary I have ever seen. In 30 seconds. Awesome!

MY LITTLE PONY: Live-Action Trailer

If Michael Bay would do a remake of "My Little Pony", it would pretty much look like this. For my taste there's not enough slow motion explosions and "magic hour" shots in this funny spoof trailer, but this is still awesome!

Hammy the Hamster Rides Again

Hammy, stunt-hamster, performs another great stunt. Hooray for fearless hamster daredevils!

Headbanging Grandparents

WTF? If any proof was needed that death and thrash metal have admirers amongst all age groups, then this video does a pretty good job of it. Here we have grandma and grandma headbanging to the magical sound of the song 'poisened' by 'toxic bonkers'. How most lovely!

Cat in a Suitcase

The internet was invented for cat videos. 100% fact. Here is another funny video of a cat doing stuff. This cat apparently lives in a suitcase and occasionally pops out to say hello.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The new CHANEL N°5 film

New commercial for Chanel. The new CHANEL N°5 film is directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and features Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport. Now you know.

Burger King Star Trek Commercial

Funny new commercial for the Star Trek tie-in stuff you can buy at Burger King. They made the Burger King king a "Kingon" See, King and Klingon, Kingon!. Wordplay at it's best... oh dear.
Anyways, the commercial is pretty funny, imho.

Babe 3: Swine Flu

Remember the cute, adorable little pig from the movie Babe? Well, in this sequel he is no longer cute and adorable, instead he is the harbinger of death. Prepare for Babe3: Swine Flu!!!

News Anchor Fail

Funny blooper from a news anchor. Of course, it's swearing. What else could it be. Hehe.

Stupid kid owns himself

This kid pwns himself with a little help from a skateboard and a basketball. Yeah, you see, the laws physics rule the world.

Girl vs Moth: FAIL!

Funny video fo a girl throwing a shoe at a moth only to be hit by the very same shoe in the face. Hilarity ensues, LOL.

Slaughter Shack

Adam Sandberg and Will Arnett go toe to toe in an epic duel to the death. Oh, and Bill Hader's there too...apparently hunting vampires. This is a promo for the MTV Movie Awards in case you were wondering why this epic summer blockbuster is not showing in your city.

Hover Scooter

Cool video of a guy riding a 'Hover Scooter' sometime in the 1960s. I guess the tweed jacket is optional, but you never really know now, do you?

Awesome beer pong trick shots

Awesome beer pong trick shots! Very, very cool indeed. This is pretty much how the majority of young men spend their time in college. 100% fact.

Matt Compton
Steve Olson
David Anderson
Michael Schimp

Question Time with Farts

Hahaha, great video! Actually, anyone with a real interest in politics, current affairs and everything else that is "serious business" in the UK should watch this video to lighten up a little.

Trek Yourself

Funny cartoon/animation about the very first Star Trek movie ever.... sort of like the formula teenage comedies we get to see every summer in the cinema. This is awesome and made me hurl big chunks of LOL.

Video Info:
Welcome to Star Trek as high school. Your classic characters are mostly losers here in this Flash animation short. Kirk’s the new kid, who helps his future crew score chicks. Khan, meanwhile, is the school douche. Catch the solid Say Anything references.

Director: Dan Meth
Writer: Dan Meth
Producer: Dan Meth
Starring: Drew Nelson, Nick Ross, Joanna Brown, Tom Forget, Mark Vitelli, Mark Spano, Dan Meth
Sound Design: Mark Vitelli
Animated by: Dan Meth, Joshua Weisbrod


Cute video of a two year old little girl singing the Whitney Houston song "I wanna dance with somebody".

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

T-Mobile Hey Jude (full length version)

This is the new wonder-viral ad from T-Mobile. It's still pretty cool but lacks the freshness of the first one (flashmob).

Manualist does Dueling Banjos from Deliverance

The best video ever? In the whole universe? Yes. Most definitely. The manualist is well known for his renditions of famous songs done with his hands, and this awesome version of the Dueling Banjos from the movie Deliverance is another great highlight. Just... wow. Really. Also: WTF?

Phil Lumbang Paints a Mural in Silver Lake (Time-Lapse)

This is a very cool short documentary/timelapse video thing showing the artist Phil Lumbang painting lovely animals. This video is a real gem so the order of the day (which must be obeyed at all cost) is to watch it. Now!

Pythagorus the Cretinous Penguin

This is brilliant, short and funny. Youtube says:
A short paper cut-out animation featuring a greedy penguin struggling to use a vending machine.

And I can add that this is very nice indeed. Love it!

Kitty Neo Vs Puppy Smiths

Brilliant and true to the original (not really) spoof of the Matrix Reloaded fight scene in which Neo fights 1000s of Agent Smiths. With kittens and puppies, for added cuteness. Cuteness gets me all the time. Awesome!

Maru the cat vs Paper Tube

This is another great video of Maru, the Japanese wonder cat. This time, Maru has some fun with a paper tube. If you like cat videos, you will find this very entertaining.

Epic Mouse Trap Fail

This must be the most useless mouse trap I have seen in my entire life. Not only does it feed the mouse, it also snaps when it runs out of food. Brilliant video, not just for mouse lovers. Even cats will find this funny.

An Engineer's Guide to Cat Yodeling

Not everything on the internet has to make sense. Unlike this video, which, strangely, somehow ends up making sense. Sort of. In song form. So... wait for it, it gets funny. Or my sense of humor is very, very misguided.

Baby Squirrel Gets Help

In this cute and awesome video that will make you say "aww" several times before uncontrolably making squeaky noises of pure joy, you get to see a squirrel mummy and her baby. Baby doesn't know how to jump onto a wall and the people in the video (students) help her out. And everyone is happy. Tomorrow: World peace.
Original title of the video is "Try to do".

Cinco De Mayo Carnival Timelapse

Here's a cool timelapse video of a Cinco De Mayo Carnival. The 5th of May is a holiday in Mexico, so this is a topical post. See, sometimes the videos posted on this blog make sense. Unlike the "dancing" chihuahua video from yesterday, as someone pointed out to me on twitter. He wasn't dancing at all. Oh dear. Nightmares for months.

The Onion on the new Star Trek movie

Great funny news video by the Onion News Network: Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'
Long time fans of the Star Trek franchise say JJ Abrams' enjoyable, engaging prequel betrays what Star Trek is all about.
Unfortunately it's a bit out of sync.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Slow Loris is back

I'm sure you all remember the cute slow loris who loved to be ticked? From just a couple of weeks ago? The name of the slow loris is is Sonya (so it's a girl) and she lives in St. Petersburg (Russia). In this video the lovely and adorable little loris has some fingerfood. Worms, to be exact. How cute!

Dancing Chihuahua

Yes, indeed this is a funny video of a chihuahua dancing. It's a dog. Not a mosquito. Dancing, to some latin american tune. Pretty cool stuff for a dog.