Thursday, April 2, 2009

Star Trek and A Team Mash Up

Another cool mash up, this time it's Star Trek as the A Team! Brilliant!

Real Life 8-Bit Waterslide

Wow, this is awesome! A really cool animated stop motion film done 8bit style! Watch it and ... well... I find this just brilliant!

Internet hoaxes launched for April Fools' gags

It's become an April 1 tradition on the Web to showcase absurd technological breakthroughs and silly pseudo-innovations.

I know, I am about a day late and now all the April 1st jokes and pranks seem kinda lame but RL got in the way. Sorry!
Also, apologies to anyone getting updates from the LOL Factory through Twitter, the feed hasn't been updating lately.

Morning Show Host Starts Charity To Rid World Of Flying Debris

Onion News Network:
After her best friend was killed by flying debris, Today Now host Tracy Gill dedicated her life to protecting other people from wind-borne rubble.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hamster in a wok

Ok, this a a video of a hamster in a wok. Please note that the hamster is having fun. Or running for his life, knowing of things to come. Cruel or funny? You decide!


Funny spoof TV ad from 30 Rock, the awesome comedy on NBC. This, of course is the much talked about sexy phone line commercial. With Tina Fey's fake laughter.

Cat vs fish tank

This cat thinks it can outwit the fish in the fish tank. Bwahahaha! Silly cat, awesome video!

Star Wars / Airwolf opening - Imperial - cool mash up

Last one in the series. Airwofl TV mash up with the Imperials from Star Wars. Yes!

Star Wars / Airwolf opening - Rebels - cool mash up video

Another great Star Wars/ TV mash up, this time it's the Rebels and Airwolf. Pretty cool!

Star Wars / Dallas opening - funny mash up

Well, this pretty much pwns the internet at everything. This is even better than fluffy kittens! At least if you're a geek/nerd at heart. Otherwise, move along. This isn't the video you're looking for!

SHII - games console for girls

yeah yeah, everybody owns a Wii and never plays it. But behold, here comes the Shii, the gaming console for girls. Much, much better!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alpine Legend – Xbox 360 game trailer

Pretty funny viral video from Microsoft. It made me LOL.
Here at last; the Official Xbox 360 Alpine Legend Game trailer as shown at Snowbombing 2009 festival, Mayrhofen

The Onion: DNA Evidence Frees Black Man Convicted Of Bear Attack

Another great news parody by the Onion News Network:
Georgia police were so confident Marshall was the man who killed young Janet Kelly in a state bear preserve, they didn't investigate other suspects.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Building An Airbus A340 In 346 Seconds

Awesome timelapse video of an Airbus A340-600 airplane being built at the Toulouse facility. This looks very cool!

Honda Let It Shine commercial

Very cool commercial by Honda in which a bank of cars (Honda's, naturally) arranged in a grid, use their headlights as pixels to create an animated sequence... Awesome!

Dog Milking a Goat

Oh, what? WTF? A clip of a dog milking a goat. A talking goat.
This is a short clip from an ancient movie. I hope.

Perfect Day (of the Dead)

Lou Reed's Perfect Day sung by Zombies. The video takes off the classic BBC version of Perfect Day. All Zombies were members of ZombieCon. No Zombies were hurt in the making of this video.

Octopus Dance Video

Octo-Dancing from Reza Dolatabadi on Vimeo.
WTF? This is a cool stop motion video of an octopus dancing. It's pretty weird, if you ask me but still quite impressive.

Watchmen: Leaked Game Footage

Slightly NSFW. If there was a 8bit game for the Watchmen movie this might be the sort of tie-in game they'd want to do. Not.

Cat vs Fly

A cat vs a tiny fly. You probably think that the cat is going to win. Oh, you're so wrong! And this is sooo funny! LOl!