Friday, March 13, 2009

World's Most Complicated Corkscrew

Very crazy invention we got here. This surely must be the world's most complicated corkscrew. At least it also pours you a glass on wine.

Dwarfed Punk

Awesome! Snow White and the seven dwarfs dancing to Daft Punk! Is this the best video ever?

Girl on a pogo stick playing the violin

Well, this is the WTF video of the day. A girl on a pogo stick playing the violin. Nothing else, but absolute and pure internet gold. Awesome!

Ricky Gervais and Elmo

Add Ricky Gervais to the set of 'Sesame Street' and you come up with outrageous comedy. Check out outtakes from his interview with Muppet Elmo. The full episode airs this November when 'Street' opens with its 40th anniversary.

Painting of Steve Urkel as a Zombie

OK, anybody remember Steve Urkel? Sure you do! He was very annoying and now he's after our tasty brains!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jenga Pistol

Now this little handy item will spoil your game of Jenga. Or turn you into a feared master of the game. If your friends will actually let you use it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Explosion Opera

Funny, awesome and very cool video of explosions set to opera music. Sounds daft, but this video is pure awesomeness! Send it to all your friends, they will thank you for it. With gold! Really!

Slayer is my favourite band

This is a funny video remix of a guy who likes the metal band Slayer. He likes them a lot. And this video makes fun of that fact. LOL!

How to Destroy the World with Scientific Experiments

Funny animation showing a step-by-step guide to destroying civilization with nanotechnology. Funny for science geeks I guess.

Turtle making love to a sneaker

Oh dear God. There really is a video for everything on the Internet. Even a video of a turtle making love to a sneaker.

Om nom nom cat

I just love this fluffy giant cat with added om nom nom sound... Perfect cat video!

Nunchuck Jousting Fail

Is this the new star wars kid/afro ninja? Probably. We all like laughing at other people's awesome fail videos!

Dog riding a bike in Japan

WTF?! A dalmatian riding a bike. From Japan. Of course, where else would this happen?

Why Girls Don't Fart

A bit on the rude side, but still rather funny. If you're not a girl, that is.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lynx Bullet Ad

Funny new commercial for the new Lynx Bullet bodyspray. OR as the marketers say "Lynx Bullet is a portable body spray that gives guys an instant boost of the lynx effect anytime, anywhere." So there!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleepy Elephant

Short. Funny. Awesome. LOL.

RSPCA in Africa

This is how the animal help group RSPCA is doing good things in Africa. And this is totally true. LOL!

Birmingham to London in 5 minutes

Wonderfully geeky but pretty cool in full screen on a laptop, this is an old BBC short where they wodged a camera on the front of a train travelling between Birmingham and London then sped up the footage. Shown in the late 80s as a Pebble Mill clip I think.
Put it on full screen and wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Painted Eyes on Drunk Guy Prank

Funny video of a guy sleeping (and drunk) getting pranked. I'm not going to spoil it, see for yourself! Creepy looking is all I can say...

Little Pimp

Hahaha! This little boy has a totally pimped out car, I guess all the girls in kindergarden are after him!

32 Songs in 8 Minutes

A medley of 32 popular songs on acoustic guitar and vocals. Pretty amazing video, see how many songs you can guess!

Quarantine: Snipe-a-mate

Grab your friends pictures from Facebook and snipe them as they try to escape. Set up a league or play solo and snipe your way to victory. Who needs enemies with friends like you!