Friday, February 13, 2009

See Lewis Hamilton talk about his BlackBerry Storm smartphone

Watch the World Drivers Champion show how his BlackBerry Storm helps him on his travels.

Vodafone catch a relaxed Lewis Hamilton telling us all about his latest gadget, the BlackBerry Storm. He explains how the nomadic lifestyle of the racing circuit means he really appreciates having all of the contact details of his family and friends at his fingertips. He also reveals that whilst at home, he can use the clickable touchscreen and full screen QWERTY keyboard to keep tabs on the rival teams and check how his own team are being reported. It looks like these two are a pretty strong partnership.

LOL Factory is back!

Hello you!

You probably noticed that there were no updates lately on the LOL Factory.
There was a tragic event (let's leave it at that) in my family and I really didn't feel like posting any funny videos.

I will make up for it on the weekend and post lots of funny videos!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crazy News: Mexico fans 'stick it' to the U.S.

After Radioshack dropped out, a Mexican newspaper has found a new U.S. corporate sponsor to help put a voodoo hex on the U.S. national soccer team, and end Mexico's decade-long losing streak.