Friday, February 6, 2009

Cookie Monster Rap: 99 Problems

I always knew the cookie monster had it in him, and here shows us his excellent rapping skills by giving us his rendition of Jay-Z's 99 Problems. Word to your mutha and that.

WTF? Walking Octopus

We're all doomed! An octopus that can walk! Time to get my tinfoil hat!

Hot Chick Pranked By Roommates

So these guys have a crush on their sexy roommate and allthey come up with is to prank her by putting tons of newspapers in her room? That will win them points...

Sake Bomb Fail

OK, if you have to do stupid drinking games then this is probably the worst one. Bunch of idiots, won't someone think of the booze?

Cat controls human

Is this a look into our future? Will we all be ruled by cats? Who knows, could well be. In any case, the thought of being used by cats as cheap transportation sends shivers down my spine.

Bulldog Kisses Orangutan

Indeed, a dog kissing a monkey. Gets better the nore times I watch this!

Bird Fishes Like A Human

This clever fish uses bait just like humans to fish! Amazing... next thing they'll start using computers.

Kings of Power 4 Billion %

Well, here we have a pretty darn cool animation. Plenty of WTF moments in there.
An animated short in the style of a side-scrolling combat game on acid that falls somewhere between creative genius and artistic insanity.

Bowling Fail

OK, bowling as such isn't the most difficult sport out there. Except, some people still get it wrong. Bowling FAIL! LOL!

Christian Bale vs. Bill O’Reilly

Here we have Christian Bale and Bil O'Reilly remixed in this hilarious funny video! SO awesome!

Christian Bale Remix

So Chriatian Bale, aka Batman threw a tantrum on the set of Termionator 4, someone recored it and put it on the internet. Then someone remixed it. Sometimes I really love the internet, it's so awesome it's hard to comprehend! Do enjoy this fantastic remix, and be sure to watch this not at work, there's some heavy swearing! YAY!

Beer Bottle Dominos

Great idea for a video and this also shouldn't be too hard for any students living together to pull off after a normal weekend. This was obviously filmed in a club where you'd have lots of empty bottles, and it works perfectly as dominos. very hypnotic video!

Little David after the Dentist

So little David goes to the dentist, gets some sort of anaesthesia and then his father films his little son spacing out in the back of the car afterwards. Hilarious video, questionable parenting skills but extremely funny! Best bit: David questions reality "is this real?". LOL.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Barclaycard: Making of Waterslide Spoof Ad

Here's a making of video from yesterday's viral video ad campaign for Barclaycard. You can win a trip, so go ahead and join in the fun!

The Onion: Football Coach Retires From Family To Spend More Time With Team

Another funny fake news item from the Onion: The Giants' Tom Coughlin said he valued his time with his family, but wants to focus on what's important now.

The Onion: Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?

Funny fake news item from the people of The Onion: Our panelists debate whether TV programs like A Double Shot At Love and The Bad Girls Club depict unattainable levels of skankiness.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Barclaycard Waterslide - Students' Spoof Ad

Funny new viral from Barclaycard:

Top our film and win a watersliding tour of the world!

Barclaycard are challenging you to create a version of their waterslide film. All you need to do is create a waterslide, film it and post it to to enter the competition. 

The film that gets the most votes on YouTube will win a once in a lifetime trip for two riding some of the world's top waterslides in Dubai, China, Brazil, Germany and the US. You'll also get a camera and a laptop to blog about your trip. 

The waterslide film features a group of students creating a miniature version of the Barclaycard waterslide TV ad, using household items such as buckets, mops, empty water bottles, baked bean tins and even a set of legs from a shop mannequin! The students then launch 'Dangerous Dan' down the slide and across the road to the local off licence to pay for some goods. The film was shot in Shoreditch in London. 

You can download the making of from our FTP here

Super Bowl Ad. Pepsi - MacGruber/Pepsuper

LOL! Probably the last Super Bowl Ad I'm gonna post for this year, but still pretty, pretty funny. This awesome commercial by Pepsi is a parody of the classic TV show MacGyver called MacGruber. Full of irony and product placement parody, this takes easily one of the top spots in my Super Bowl commercial list!

Super Bowl Ad: Hulu

And again, yet another Super Bowl ad. This is a very funny commercial for, the video streaming site. I like this almost as much as the crystal ball Doritos ad. Awesome!

Super Bowl Ad: NBC - Feelin' Alright

Ok, here's another Super Bowl XLIII ad coming, how many more can there actually be?
In this cool commercial the cast of Chuck, Heroes, and Medium lip sync to "Feelin' Alright' by Joe Cocker.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Ad: Cheetos - Pidgeon Attack

Funny Super Bowl commercial from Cheetos. I wish I could do this from time to time. Without pidgeons though, I'd use lions instead.

Super Bowl Ad: Budweiser - Fetch commercial

Another great and funny commercial from Budweiser, again with the classic Clydesdale horse.... watch this!

Super Bowl Ad: Hyundai Genesis - Billy Corgan commercial

A Hyundai Genesis Coupe is shown drifting in an edit made by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. And that's about it, really.

Super Bowl Ad: Castrol - Grease Monkeys

Hahaha, this funny commercial from Castrol for SUper Bowl makes no sense at all, and that's why I love it! Monkeys for the win!

Super Bowl Ad: Taco Bell - Speed of Love

Nice effort from Taco Bell for this year's Super Bowl commercial but still I feel it hasn't used its full potential. Did you LOL? Was it a funny video for you?

Super Bowl Ad: Coca Cola - Avatar

Very cool Super Bowl XLIII advert from Coca-Cola. In this city, people appear as their avatars, just like in videogames. But Coke is still the real thing. Quite nice idea!

Super Bowl Ad: Denny's - Thugs Breakfast

A funny Super Bowl XLIII commercial from Denny's. Plus, a free breakfast!!!

Super Bowl Ad: Sprint - Roadies

What if roadies ran the world? Here's how they would be handling an airline. I must admit, I would fly with this awesome airline! Especially the take-off would be so cool! Great and funny (somehow short) Super Bowl commercial!

Super Bowl Ad: Doritos - Power of the Crunch commercial

Another funny commercial from Super Bowl XLIII by Doritos. Not as good as the previous one, but still made me laugh a lot! A guy uses the "power of crunch" to make his dreams come true. Nice!

Super Bowl Ad: Doritos - Free Doritos commercial

Okay, finally I found the Doritos commercials for Super Bowl XLIII. This one is called "Free Doritos" and a crystal ball plays an important role in it. This made LOL, ROFL and even LMAO. Maybe you will too! Funny!

Super Bowl Ad: Coke Zero - Mean Troy Polamalu

Haha, this is a funny commercial from Coke for the Super Bowl. This plays on the rather famous Coke commercials where a little boy offers his Coke to a top athlete.

Troy Polamalu reprises the part made famous by Steelers legend Mean Joe Greene in a Coca-Cola spot nearly 30 years ago.

History - and commercials - repeating itself!

Super Bowl Ad: Budweiser - Clydesdale Circus

A pretty neat TV ad from Budweiser from the Super Bowl commercial break. Pretty cute story with the horses and seems to be tied to what they did last year, if I remember correctly.

Funny Super Bowl Ad: Conan O'Brien for Bud Light

Haha, this is one of my favourite Super Bowl XLIII commercials! In this funny ad from Bud Light famous late night host Conan O'Brien is persuaded to do a commercial that is only aired in Sweden. At least that's what he's told! LOL!


This is the funny trailer for the new Will Ferrell comedy LAND OF THE LOST. It was shown, you guessed it, during the commercial break for Super Bowl XLIII. It looks like a funny movie to me, but did you LOL?

Super Bowl Ad: E-Trade - Talking Babies

Again, this year E-Trade brings uns another chapter in their popular Super Bowl ads with the talking babies. Not as funny as it used to be if you ask me, but still one of the better ones this year.

Super Bowl Commercial: Bud Light - Beer At Meetings

Funny video from this year's Super Bowl XLIII commercial break. This one is from Budweiser and plays around the theme of saving money. But save on Bud? No way!

MONSTERS VS. ALIENS Super Bowl Extended 3-D TV Spot

This is the cool new trailer for the animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens that aired during the commercial break for Super Bowl XLIII yesterday. I have no 3D glasses, but the trailer looks pretty intense and awesome! I'm looking forward to it also because it looks like it'S going to be very funny!


This is the pretty cool looking trailer for the upcoming GI Joe movie that was aired during the commercial break in Super Bowl XLIII. Makes for a cool trailer but I'm not sure how true to the original cartoon this is going to be.