Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Ad: SoBe Lifewater "Lizard Lake"

Funny commercial from SoBe for Super Bowl XLIII. In this commercial we see some cool dancing lizards and some NFL players performing a version of Swan Lake - Lizard Lake.

Super Bowl Ad: Coca Cola - Heist

I'm always looking forward to Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercials, they are of high quality and good fun! Just like this pretty CGI story in which all sorts of insects steal a Coke bottle. Very funny and even, dare I say this, adorable!

Super Bowl Ad: - Tips

Hahaha, pretty funny commercial from CareerBuilder for Super Bowl XLIII.
If you'Re tired of your job, then you will probably laught at this funny commercial!

Super Bowl - David Abernathy

OK, this is a Super Bowl XLIII commercial from
The guy in the video is very confident in all aspects of life - except buying a car.
Made me laugh!

Super Bowl Ad: - Baseball

I don't get this commercial. Maybe it's me and I am lacking the whole cultural context of this, so no clue other than this is one of GoDaddy's commercial for Super Bowl XLIII. Anyone out there know what this is about?

Super Bowl Ad: Pepsi - Refresh Anthem

This is another Pepsi commercial for Super Bowl XLIII. Bob Dyllan and Will.I.Am are doing a new version of Bob Dyllan's song "Forever Young" for this Pepsi ad.

Super Bowl Ad: Pedigree - Crazy Pets

Funny commercial for pet food company Pedigree for Superbowl XLIII. Shows people with all their crazy pets and stuff - very funny! A bit over the top but then again so are most of the funny and awesome Superbowl commercials.

Super Bowl Ad: Pepsi Max - I'm Good

Another great and funny commercial from Pepsi for Superbowl XLIII. This is for Pepsi Max, the diet cola drink for men, apparently. LOLs ahead!

Super Bowl Ad: Pepsi Max - Monkey

Funny commercial from Pepsi for Super Bowl XLIII. I wish they'd give up on those Roman numbers. A very funny commercial!

Friday, January 30, 2009

4 Kittens on a Roomba REMIX

This video is even better than the original!The lovely kittens on a Roomba have been Benny Hill'ified and the pure awesomeness will blow your mind!

4 Kittens on a Roomba

Oh what a delightful video! The magic of the internet once again brings us lovely, fluffy kittens! And this time they're sitting on a Roomba! Awesome!

What Is Love? - The Ultra Cute Remix

Funny music video filled with cute cats and set to the sound of What is Love by Haddaway (I think). Well, it's cute cats, so that always makes for a good video!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kitten Jump Fail

This little kitten pretty much fails at jumping. Cute but dumb. LOL!

Windows XP Sounds Tutorial for Piano

Do you love your Windows XP PC so much that you listen to the sounds it makes with a gleeful heart? Well, then this video is for you. Learn to play all those funky XP sounds on your PC.

Test Your Brains

Funny spoof of a quiz show and made me LOL. Will you laugh, too?

Space Languages

Oh Dear. What can I say about this then without sounding insulting? Let me try: here is a man who can speak 3 space languages, among them Venusian. This a funny WTF video. And the guy is probably totally nuts but a nice chap.

The Worst Children Band Ever

OMG! This video takes a little moment to fully take-off but give it a while and you will not believe what you are hearing. These little kids have all rehearsed for the big day, their christmas concert. And then they play this. Seriously. Awesome, funny, and very brave indeed!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ninja Cat Vs. Toilet Paper

Have a look at his crazy yet funny cat video: Ninja cat takes on a roll of toilet paper and shreds it to bits! Go ninja, go ninja cat, go!!!

Final Countdown played on 4 Trombones

And yet here comes another split-screen video song thingie. This time it's Europe’s The Final Countdown played on a trombone. Or 4 trombones.

Domino Mona Lisa

This is a very cool video of the image of Mona Lisa made from domino stones. 4519 domino stones were used to make this! Doesn't it look awesome?

Redneck Street Surfing

Wow! Not only is this totally crazy and dangerous but at the same time it looks like this crazy redneck is having the time of his life! Well, don't try this at home.

Low Rider Car FAILS!

null - Watch more free videos
Well the guys making this lowrider jumpr certainly know their stuff and I have to admit I was impressed but then... well, the car sorta has enough of this competition and fails!

In the Rough - Funny Animation

This funny cartoon called IN THE ROUGH and made by Blur Studio, is about some stoneage type guy who gets thrown out of this cave by his wife and then has a funny adventure. Definetely worth 5 mins of your time!

College Stunt Gone Wrong

These college studentsa, probably all drunk, come up with what seems a foolproof plan. Of course, they didn't factor it that a) they were drunk and b) they're all major idiots. LOL at their ouch! Is that even a sentence?

Hypnotized Dog

Funny animal video from The Soup. this time from a TV show called 'It's Me Or The Dog,' a dog training show on Animal Planet. In this clip we get to see Stain, an Australian Shepard dog getting hypnotized. Sort of.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cutest Puppy Noise Ever

This is so cute it will break your heart. I a postive way. I juts love fluffy kittens and puppies and this video is among the best of the cutest there ever was. That doesn't make sense, but I have been affected by the uber-cuteness!

One-Man A Capella Zelda Theme

Oh how nice! This guy does nothing new, at least in terms of Internet video trends go. But I like Zelda, and that's how I decided to post this video here for you.

Sleeping Girlfriend Eyebrow Waxing Prank

Of course this is mean. Very mean, indeed. Anyone with a girlfriend knows this. And the guy is a first class a**hole. But. It. Is. So. Funny! LOL!