Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Here's another great video by the guys behind the RoboCop and Predator rap, I have posted them before on this site, so use the search to find them as my tagging system really doesn't make sense and most of the awesome content here is hidden deep inside. Whatever. This is brilliant and awesome and all other cool words used to describe stuff. My engleesh is none too good. Also, the punch line at the end of this video is priceless!
Youtube snip:
This is a project based on the epic genius that is TERMINATOR 2. It is in no way trying to take credibility for how awesome the movie is it is purely a homage to how much we love it, a dedication to our appreciation of a masterpiece. This video was written & produced by DJ MAYHEM & features the polish & vocal skills of Mouthmaster Murf, both from the up & coming band THE ANOMALIES & DJ act THE FARCICAL 3.
When setting out to make the follow up to the Amazing Robocop Rap Dj Mayhem had originally began work on an Amazing Aliens rap & got about a third of the way through completing it when the duo went on a tour with the Anomalies & ended up watching Terminator 1 & 2 in the back of the van during the journey. Overcome again with how spectacular the films were the decision was made put Aliens on hold & work on Terminator 2 immediately. Work began at the usual lacklustre pace & after about 3 months it was halfway done when disaster struck: The note book containing all of the lyrics for the terminator rap & the aliens rap was lost (presumably stolen by jealous rivals & not left somewhere by sheer stupidity). Mayhem fell into a deep depression, & searched for it for a month but when he couldnt find it he eventually had to start again when to his dismay he realised he couldnt remember hardly any of it. On a mission now he worked on it feverishly & completed the whole thing in 2 weeks. The rest as they say, is history (albeit, very recent history). This is not a very interesting story but a story none the less: You are now dumber having read it.