Friday, March 6, 2009

Founts of Youth Discovered in the Alps

A funny clip featuring the Angels of Mercy - lady scientists extraordinaire - on a mission in the Austrian Tirol.

There are cliches everywhere. You can't get away from them. Even Mars has its little green men and - after all - it's a good one hundred million kilometres away.

There are harmless cliches and lovable clichés as well as those of the unpleasant and tiresome kind - just ask any blonde. If we aren't careful, we shall end up as living cliches ourselves.

On no account should cliches be trusted without deep investigation. Some are accurate, there's no doubt about it, but there are also some that have long lost their validity. Clichés need to be checked and monitored.

The Angels of Mercy catalogue, evaluate and - where necessary - eliminate clichés wherever they encounter them. On their journeys across the globe they have seen and experienced much. They have become acquainted with unpunctual Germans, culinary educated Americans, Russians that have never drunk vodka and women who are fabulous at parking cars. Cliches are cliches.

The Austrian Tirol is their new project. Scientific studies show there is no other region in the world with such a high concentration of cliches per square mile. At the moment the Angels have their hands full, coming to terms with every single Tyrolean cliche and examining it thoroughly.