Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bournemouth University Students Support Comic Relief 2009

As an ex-student of Bournemouth University, I put this here as a special favour to the Media School students and Sophie H. who asked via Twitter.

The viral is in aid of helping to raise awareness and funding for Comic Relief on the 13th March and we thought the best way to appeal to the human element would be to get lots of people involved to promote the red nose and all it stands for.
The money raised from Comic Relief goes toward helping people most in need around the world. The funds raised help people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean and the U.K and fund initiatives to assist in mental health issues, domestic violence, HIV/Aids, trade, emergency response and many more.
Some of the products available to buy for just £1 to ‘do your bit’ are; red noses, badges, magnetic car noses, charms and a whoopee cushion.
Equally, if you would like to give money directly, there is donation page on the website and a just giving page that allows you to donate money for comic relief.
Please visit: comic relief donation page , just giving donation page